A huge paradigmatic change in Arctic research

Arctic research
High North Center researcher curated a special edition of "Arctic and North" showing that Arctic research is undergoing a disciplinary shift.

​​​Until the 20th century, the Arctic was largely considered a remote and freezing wasteland characterized by low tension as well as a low degree of economic exploitation and development of its natural resources. However, the region is currently in a state of flux, due not least to the manifest and controversial effects of climate change taking place in front of our very eyes. 

As a systematic review of the publications over time has clearly evidenced, the Arctic research is undergoing a disciplinary shift away from natural sciences towards social sciences and humanities, thereby inaugurating a paradigmatic change.

Putting this brand new avenue of thought at the forefront of our attention, researcher Andrey Mineev at High North Center for Business and Governance tok part in curating a special issue of "Arctic and North." 

In this issue, you get a collection of scholarly works that deal with an analysis of the socio-economic development of the Arctic regions.

Read the issue here.

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