Unique Study Program in China, Norway and Russia

Global Management at Nord University Business School
– We offer a Masters program where students from Cina, Russia and Norway are able to study for one semester in each country, says director of the High North Center. 

​​​​The High North Center at the Nord University Business School has a close cooperation between the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai and MGIMO in Moscow.

One part of this cooperation is that you have the possibility to take a degree in Master of Science in Global Management. This two year long study program gives you the opportunity to study in three different countries. 

We are probably the only institution in Norway that offers a Masters program where Chinese, Russian and Norwegian students may study together for three semesters in Bodø, Moscow and Shanghai, says Frode Mellemvik. He is the director of the High North Center at Nord University Business School. 

The students have all been here at Nord University during this semester. The plan is that they will go to MGIMO in Moscow during the fall semester. Next spring they will go to Shanghai. 

During the program, the students will learn about green and blue value creatin, and smart and responsible management. The goal is to develop innovative and regional solutions to global problems.

If you want to parttake in this program during the fall semester, you have to apply by April 15th 2021. Read m​ore about the program and how to apply here​.

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