Webinar: Smart North - Knowledge

Januar-seminar i 2019
You are invited to our webinar about education and capacity building for Smart Cities and Communities.

​​We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in our webinar “Smart North: Knowledge, Education and Capacity Building for Smart Cities and Communities in the High North” that will be held on 27th January. The webinar will be organized on a digital platform, and you will have the choice to either participate from your place using the Zoom link or join us in Bodø provided that infection control regulations allow this.

The webinar will give a summary of our current SmartNorth project, but will also open up a discussion of the future of smart development in the High North. We anticipate about 80 participants from countries such as Norway, China, Russia, Finland, Canada, and the US. In addition, the seminar will be linked to the opening of the new academic semester on our newly launched partnership program “Master of Science in Global Management”.

Please, register for the webinar here​.  

For further information, please contact Husanboy Ahunov

 Contact person