Nord University preparedness management lab (NORDLAB) provides an arena for situational awareness and risk assessments, as well as education, research, exercises and tests related to sea, land and air-based emergency response.

Nord University provides computer-based simulation capacities integrated with crisis management decision-support tools and command and control support systems. 

In cooperation with world-leading suppliers of emergency preparedness software, modelling and simulation systems as well as decision making support solutions we offer an advanced training and test arena within emergency management for students and professionals.

What we can offer

NORDLAB offers emergency preparedness training for public and private actors. 
NORDLAB can make concepts for training for various organizations, for example training of emergency preparedness managers and -staff in crisis management. 

Available equipment in the lab:
  • Desk top simulators
  • Oil spill response module
  • Alarm and dispatch  center
  • Operational command center
  • Radio communication
  • Skype and conference telephone system
  • Public safety communications network
  • Command- and control systems
  • Software for logging incidents
  • Emergency preparedness planning- and control systems
  • Staff room with wall screens and IT-support
  • Cameras (CCTV), sound recording systems and logs for debriefing
  • External broad band connections to other sites 


The following courses/study programs are connected to NORDLAB:
  • Polar code courses
  • Emergency preparedness management courses for companies
  • Crisis staff courses for private and government agencies
  • Master in Preparedness and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor in paramedics 


NORDLAB can run exercises at sea, land or in air. We can tailor make the exercises to the needs of each group/organisation. We run exercises including both tactical, operative and strategic levels. 

NORDLAB is used as a training facility for several courses at Nord University, in addition to exercises with other actors in the various academic and networks. 

NORDLAB has focused on the following thematic areas and exercises: 
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • Oil spill response
  • Nature disasters
  • Fallout of critical community installations and functions
  • Terror and other types of violent action
  • Crises and loss of reputation

Research and development

NORDLAB participates actively in research and development (R&D) related to emergency preparedness and preparedness management, including emergency preparedness system analysis, decision-making support tools and leadership. At NORDLAB we also participate in innovation projects related to next generations’ cloud-based simulator systems. 

NORDLAB  offer counseling and competent advisors within the field of emergency preparedness. Our competence encompasses public and private sectors, as well as preparedness management and –leadership in private sector and in the communities. 

Our research projects increase knowledge about preparedness management in the Arctic. Read more about our projects: 
  • Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North (MARPART)
  • Inter-organizational coordination of mass rescue operations in complex environments (MAREC)

Our network

NORDLAB is part of several networks for academic work, cooperation and exchange of experience. 


Maritime Campus North (MCN) was established by Nord University (Bodø) and the four maritime vocational schools in Trøndelag (Rørvik), Nordland (Bodø and Leknes) and Finnmark (Honningsvåg). The aim of MCN is to develop education and trainings to improve the safety and efficiency in Norwegian marine- and maritime sectors. The cooperation in the network encompasses education in primary and secondary levels, courses, and investments in digital infrastructure related to education, research and development.
MCN has world-leading simulator technology for training and education delivered by Kongsberg Digital Transas. MCN has invested in internet-based technology which allows the parties to train and develop personnel at five different locations at the same time. NORDLAB organises joint exercises with other organisations.


NORDLAB is  a partner in  the European simulator network EMSN, which allows us to train and test equipment with other simulator-centres in Europe which all holds different expertise. EMSN focuses on new technology related to traffic control, navigation, and operation of autonomeous units. The EMSN-network gives access to the leading academic community, close cooperation with providers of equipment and the testing and use of the future technology. 


NORDLAB leads the Arctic Safety and Security network which consists of 22 universities and research institutes in the Universities of the Arctic-umbrella. This network provides another arena for exchanging knowledge and expertise.