Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division

The Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is among the leading research groups in entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries and conducts basic research and more applied research on various topics within entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation is among the top strategic areas of Nord University and the Nord University Business School. The Division has teaching and research activity at campuses in Bodø, Mo i Rana and Steinkjer.

​Our research activity is characterized by a high level of external financing, an international environment and strong international collaborations. Key research topics are related to: the emergence and growth of new businesses and their role in society, innovation and entrepreneurial activity in different sectors, collaboration for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship connected to digitalization, circular economy, sustainability and education. Overall, the group's research has led to a wide scope of articles published in leading scientific international journals, books, articles in books and popular science publications. 


Henrik Dvergsdal
Ingebjørg VestrumFørsteamanuensis
Marianne Arntzen-NordqvistFørsteamanuensis
Erlend BullvågFørsteamanuensis
Jorunn GrandeFørsteamanuensis
Petter GullmarkFørsteamanuensis
Espen John IsaksenFørsteamanuensis
Siri JakobsenFørsteamanuensis
Svenn Are JenssenFørsteamanuensis
Thomas Andre LauvåsFørsteamanuensis
Krister SalamonsenFørsteamanuensis II
Sølvi SolvollFørsteamanuensis
Marianne Terese SteinmoFørsteamanuensis
Markus Andreas FitzaFørsteamanuensis II
Frode HeldalFørsteamanuensis II
Karin Andrea WiggerFørsteamanuensis 
Marta Gulli LindvertPostdoktor
Dolores ModicPostdoktor
Raj Krishnan Shankar
Gry Agnete AlsosProfessor
Tommy Høyvarde ClausenProfessor
Lars KolvereidProfessor
Einar RasmussenProfessor
Roger SørheimProfessor
Bjørn Willy ÅmoProfessor
Candida G. BrushProfessor II
Andrew Coleman CorbettProfessor II
Riccardo FiniProfessor II
Paul WestheadProfessor II
Lars Øystein Widding
Professor II
​Johan Wiklund
Professor II
​Arild Aspelund
Professor II
Eleni Georgladou
Cecilie HauklandStipendiat
Micaela HeseliusStipendiat
Phuc Hong HuynhStipendiat
Irina IsaevaStipendiat
Lidia KritskayaStipendiat
Jenny Sofie Kjemphei LarsenStipendiat
Iselin Kristine MausethStipendiat
Marit Breivik MeyerStipendiat
Sanaa Talha
Tina Løvsletten TrosetStipendiat
Maryna VakulenkoStipendiat
Lill-Beathe HåpnesStipendiat
Beathe-Kristin Behrns UttakleivStipendiat
Lars Hovdan MoldenFørsteamanuensis
Maiken Nilsen Stensaker
Line Mathilde Karlsen

Research projects

IP linked open data: building bridges (EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE)

Digital transformasjon i min virksomhet DiVi

Innodrive: Drivere og barrierer for innovasjon i offentlig sektor

DIGINN Digital innovasjon og grønn bærekraft

University-Industry Collaboration in Northern Norway: Drivers and Barriers

Project period: 2017-2020

The main goal of the project is to contribute to new research-based knowledge of the importance of university-industry collaboration for innovation and value creation in Northern Norway. The project will
develop knowledge on the factors that hinder and promote successful university-industry processes in Northern Norway.

Roger Sørheim (project leader), Tommy Høyvarde
Claussen, Siri Jakobsen, Krister Salamonsen, Thomas
Lauvås, Maryna Vakulenko, Marit Breivik, Marianne
Steinmo, Are Jensen, Raj Krishnan Shankar.

Nordland Research Institute, Norut, INGENIO,
University of Valencia, CHEPS, University of Twente

RFF Nord

Arctic Cluster Team (ACT)

Project period: 2018-2021

ACT aims to be a driving force for the sustainable transition of Norway. Through increased innovation capacity and competitiveness for the industry, ACT will help fulfill Norway’s obligations under the Paris agreement.

Irina Isaeva, Marianne Steinmo, Siri Jakobsen, Thomas
Lauvås, Jenny K. Larsen, Maryna Vakulenko, Marit

50 partners in total; industry partners (process and supply industry, logistics, infrastructure and finance),
entrepreneurs and academic institutions.

Arctic Cluster Team is part of the national programme
Norwegian Innovation Clusters. The program is organized by Innovation Norway, in joint effort with Siva (The Industrial Development Corporation

Developing entrepreneurial mind-sets across cultures: A Norway - South-Africa collaboration

Project period: 2019-2022

Enhancing our entrepreneurial education through practice based approaches adding cross-cultural perspectives. With this INTPART project, we want to
build knowledge in order to advance our entrepreneurship education and research further through:
1) cross-cultural long-term strategic collaboration, and
2) a practice-based approach closely involving industry partners.

Bjørn Willy Åmo (project leader), Espen Isaksen, Lars Kolvereid.

Nord University Business School, Norwegian University of Life Science, Western Norway University of Applied Science (Norway), University of Pretoria, University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).

Research Council of Norway/DIKU


The Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is responsible for teaching and mentoring in innovation and entrepreneurship at the bachelor's, master's and PhD levels, including executive education (MBA). The Division is responsible for profiles at the bachelor level, an MBA in Technology Management and major in entrepreneurship and innovation in the Master of Science program. We annually supervise a high number of bachelor and master theses. Every year, several doctoral students graduate with a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship and the Business School is an active partner in the Nordic Research School in Innovation – NORSI. The staff are also involved in teaching and mentoring in other subjects such as research methods, organization, management, strategy, communications and information technology, and circular economy. The development of new courses and teaching methods are core activities, for example as part of Engage - a Norwegian A Centre for Excellence in Higher Education in the area of entrepreneurship.

 Division leader

​You can find more information about research by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division in this brochure.