Road Traffic Division

Road traffic division

Nord University at Stjørdal campus is building a research and educational environment for the future in transport, infrastructure, and technology management areas.

​​​​​Research at Road Traffic Division

  • Road traffic division at Nord University Business School has the national responsibility for building competence and providing education for traffic related professions, such as driving instructors and driving examiners, in Norway. Road traffic division aims to be world leading in traffic education.
  • Norway and Sweden are the safest countries in Europe with regard to traffic safety. In, these countries road traffic safety work is grounded in the Vision Zero project, according to which all traffic safety work should be based on a vision of no fatal or serious injury accidents. European Union has committed to improve road safety by setting ga target of reducing road deaths by 50% by 2030 compared with 2020 levels.
  • In Norway, all new passenger cars, light vans and city buses are to be zero-emission vehicles by 2025 and the European Union aims to be climate-neutral by 2050. In order to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions, the Norwegian Government has set a target for the largest cities that all future growth in individual travel should be accommodated by walking, cycling, and public transport, and thus there should not be any growth in car traffic – the 'zero growth' goal.

The research team includes researchers from different academic fields, such as pedagogy, psychology, safety management, leadership, law, and engineering. In addition to providing education, an important aim of the research group under the road traffic division is to conduct research in driving education, and road traffic and transportation topics. Building a bridge between education and research is an important mission of the section. The multidisciplinary and interactive nature of the research team contributes to the quality and variation of the conducted research. In addition, the road traffic division has external research partners from different universities, governmental bodies and public and private agencies.

Research areas Contact ​​​person
Pedagogical and Didactical Studies in Traffic Education​ Eva Signora Brustad Dalland, Hilde Kjelsrud, Trygve Jakobsen Steiro
Traffic and Transport Psychology An-Magritt Steinset Kummeneje, Fred Størseth,Özlem Simsekoglu
Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in traffic and transport Katrine Grinerud, Jan Petter Wigum
Road Traffic Laws and Regulations Roger Helde
Infrastructure and vehicle technology Giuseppe Marinelli
Media, Communication and Safety Management Thomas​ Wold

PhD studies

If you have a master's degree in economics and administration, you can do a PhD degree with us at Nord University Business School. The doctoral program will first and foremost qualify for research and development work, but also other areas that require insight into scientific working methods and results. ​

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