About the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture is one of five faculties at Nord University, and has two campuses located in Bodø and Steinkjer.

Our Vision

Blue-green knowledge for a sustainable future

Our mission

Promoting a sustainable society through education and research 
in biosciences related to aquatic, coastal and terrestrial northern environments to meet future challenges and contribute to  
blue-green growth

About the faculty

The faculty offers study programmes at bachelor and master level within the fields of agricultural economics, aquaculture management, biology, international marketing, animal sciences, veterinary nursing, nature conservation and nature management. 

FBA meets the needs for employment and value creation in the knowledge-based bio-economy. This is defined by the European Union as sustainable production and transformation of biomass to food, fiber products, industrial products and energy.

The faculty bases this work on talented people, up-to-date infrastructure and advanced methodologies - all supported by high academic quality standards and scientific integrity.

Scientific production and quality is assessed according to NIFU-STEP. Our ambition is to rank among the top educational establishments for marine biological sciences in Norway. 


The faculty is one of the leading academic environments within marine biosciences and aquaculture in Norway. It has modern facilities for  students and researchers in the main university buildings, including advanced equipment for the study of genomics, one of today's cutting-edge fields of research. These facilities are augmented by a large, well-equipped research station on the water's edge, just a 15 ­minute walk from the main campus.​

​Organisation chart

Research divisions


Ketil Eiane
​Jarle Jørgensen
Faculty Director
​Marit Bjørnevik
Vice Dean of Education
​Steinar Daae Johansen
​Vice Dean of Research and Development 
​Irene Stork
Office Manager
​Mette Sørensen
​Head of Aquaculture​ Division
Henning Reiss
​Head of Ecology​ Division
​Truls Moum
Head of Genomics Division 
​Geir Næss
Head of Animal science, Production and Welfare​ Division
​Øivind Torslett
Head of Research Station
​Margarita Novoa Garrido
​Head of Internationalization 



Trine Åsheim Bernhardsen
​Senior Adviser Study administration
Mats Pedersen 
Adviser Study administration
Silje Salbakk
Adviser Study administration
Kristine Vevik
Adviser Study administration
Heidi Vollan Solvik
Adviser Study administration
​Viktor Solbakken 
​Adviser Life long learning
Christian Helgesen
Ann Merete Sivertsen
Senior Executive Officer
​Siu Shan Mak
​Randi Restad Sjøvik
Robert Eliassen
Øivind Torslett
Head of research station
​Tommy Liavik
​Senior Adviser
Liv Johansen 
​Head Engineer

Anita Sundet
Adviser Study administration
Linda Kristin Evenset 
Executive Officer Study administration
​Tom Kilskar
​Senior Adviser

Mørkvedbukta Research Station

The Faculty of Bioscienses and Aquaculture has its own research station located in Mørkvedbukta. The research station supports high-quality research and provides competent advice to both our internal and external clients. We help our clients effectively carry out their projects and provide in-depth analyses at highest standards.The research station is proud of its dynamic international environment, which helps build a solid foundation for knowledge exchange and development within the field of marine biosciences.

Read more about the research station

Cooperation with UVMP in Košice​

Nord University (Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture) has established cooperation with University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice in Slovakia.


Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, FBA


Marit Bjørnevik
Torstein Kristensen
Vigdis Tverberg
Ioannis Vatsos
Hege Meldal
Magnus Ressem
Grete Lysfjord
Karl Kristian Kroken
Trine Åsheim Bernhardsen (secretary)

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, FBA

Professor Steinar Daae Johansen
Vigdis Tverberg
Jarle Tryti Nordeide
Geir Næss
Anusha Dhanasiri (post.doc)
Isabel Wagnerr (Phd-student)
Håkon Holien
Ioannis Vatsos
Mette Sørensen
Igor Babiak
Alexander Jüterbock (post.doc)
Linn H. Svendheim (Phd-student)
Kristine Vevik (secretary)

Annual Reports


  • Established in 1971

  • More than 1,000 students 

  • 140 employees (scientific, technical and administrative staff)

  • International environment: Staff and students from more than 25 different countries, 12 % international students

  • More than 30 PhD-students

  • Modern research facilities on campus and at our research station in Mørkvedbukta

  • Ca 33% external funding from the Research Council of Norway, Nordland County Council, EU and the industry