#GoPlasticFree with Stina and Marilena

Biology students Marilena Frye and Stina Skånhoff are consultants for plastic-free business.

Stina and Marilena are second year students on the Bachelor of Science in Biology. These Nord students combine innovation and entrepreneurship with blue and green growth in their business venture Seacirc. Their slogan? #GoPlasticFree. 

– The environment is flooded with non-degradable plastics. Plastic is ingested by different organisms, especially in our oceans. This is, as we know, a growing problem, and one that we wanted to do something about. 

Advice on being environmentally friendly

Seacirc seeks to provide other businesses the tools and knowledge to operate free of plastics, including advice about environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic. 

– We really hope that we can continue this work, at the same time as we obtain our master's degree and specialize within one of the focus disciplines, says Stina and Marilena. 

Stina and Marilena will complete their bachelor studies in 2020.

Support from Nord

– Is is possible to combine a start-up with university studies? 

– No, it has not been possible, technically, to combine the Seacirc project and our studies. But, our experience is that it is smart to start a business while studying. Nord University has an excellent support system for students who wish to start new ventures while studying. And that is definitely useful.  

Marilena Frye and Stina Skånhoff are now taking the next steps toward establishing their business. The purpose is get Seacirc into the European market.

– We are developing our business plan around our lectures and learning obligations. This can be challenging in examination periods, since we use more time on our subjects, then on developing Seacirc, but we make up for it during our holidays. 

About biology

Biology is the science of living organisms, from the simplest molecule, which comprises the cellular building blocks, to the big ecosystems that define all interaction in nature. 

Our future and quality of life depend on knowledge of biology and responsible, sustainable management of the environment.

You can study biology and a range of other natural sciences at Nord University.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

ECTS: 180
Study location: Bodø
Scope: Fulltime
Admission requirements: