Independent courses for exchange students at FBA

Here you can find an overview of single courses at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA), which are available to exchange students.

​Each course provides 10 ECTS and is taught in English on campus Bodø, unless otherwise stated. By clicking on the respective course name, you will be redirected to the course content's page.

FALL SEMESTER (August - December)


AK122F              Aquaculture 

BI123F                Ecology

BI125F                Biodiversity 

BI205F                Fish Physiology 

BI210F                Molecular Cell Biology 

BI217F                Microbiology 

BI222F                Oceanography

BI224F                Scientific methods

BI229F                Genomics and bioinformatics

KJ104F                Basic and Environmental Chemistry


AK303F               Aquaculture Practice and Principles

BI300F                Scientific Communication and Research Methods

BI317F                Evolutionary Genetics

BIO5001             Fish Physiology 

ØKO5021            Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology (5 ECTS)

BIO5020             Landscape Ecology and Nature management  (campus Steinkjer)

SPRING SEMESTER (January - June)


BI105F                Zoophysiology 

BI122F                Genetics and Evolution 

BI132F                Biochemistry and Cell Biology 

BI206F                Marine Biology 

BI214F                Molecular Ecology 

BI216F                Evolutionary Behavioural Ecology

BI230F                Ecology 2

MA116F             Mathematics/Statistics for Biologists

KJ200F                Organic Chemistry


AK310F               Aquatic Animal Health

AK320F               Aquaculture Nutrition 

AK322F               Fish Quality and Food Fafety

BI311F                Aquatic Genomics and Bioinformatics

BI312F                Biophysical Interactions 

BI313F                Ecosystem Resilience (5 ECTS) 

BI322F                RNA Biology (5 ECTS)

DR443F               Principles in Animal Experimentation (5 ECTS)

GEO5020            Remote Analysis in Nature Management (campus Steinkjer)

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