Livestock science

mann i fjøs med kyr
The specialisation in Livestock Science offers scientific and professional training that will provide the knowledge and skills required to pursue a top career within livestock industries, scientific research and education, or consultancy services.

​​​​​Satisfying future demands of food quality and quantity can be solved by the development and implementation of innovative concepts and ideas by well-qualified postgraduates, who can drive these developments in livestock science. 

Specifically, animal welfare, climate footprint, biodiversity, OneHealth, and rapidly developing high-tech and robotization are all areas that the livestock sector must relate to. In the master's specialisation in Livestock Science, you will work with such issues and learn more about both opportunities and challenges for the livestock industry in the future.

Learning outcomes


The candidate

  • has a general knowledge and overview of livestock science and practices worldwide, with a focus on Nordic areas
  • has advanced understanding of the ethical challenges of sustainability related to livestock science and the agricultural industry
  • has practical knowledge of relevant scientific methods and communication


  • has the necessary skills for efficient retrieval, critical review and management of academic information related to livestock science
  • is be able to use relevant reference tools, presentation techniques, and demonstrate scholarly writing skills 
  • will from an academic point of view become skilled in different aspects of livestock science and be able to design an experiment.

General competence

  • can communicate about the main issues, challenges and solutions in livestock science both with the industry, scientists and the general public
  • can apply basic research methods and academic communication skills of relevance for the completion of his/her master project
  • can exchange views and experiences with others involved in livestock science and thereby contribute to the continued development of good research practices​

Research division

The specialisation is affiliated with the research division Animal science, Production and Welfare​.


Livestock science

Campus: Steinkjer
Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Language: English

Application deadline:

Applications are open in the following periods:
Non-EU/EEA: October 1 - December 1
EU/EEA and Nordic residents: February 1 - April 15

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