PhD defences at Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture

No 46-2022
Sowmya Ramachandran (India)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Ribosomal RNA, ribose methylation, and box C/D snoRNAs during embryonic development of teleosts zebrafish (Danio rerio) and medaka (Oryzias latipes)​
Main supervisor: Professor Igor Babiak 
No 45-2022

Apollo Marco Dalonos Lizano

PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​Examining challenges in species-level taxonomy among Calanus copepods in the Northern seas using genome and transcriptome data​ 
Main supervisor: Professor Galice Hoarau​
​​No 44-2022
Solveig Lysfjord Sørensen (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​Influence of feed ingredients and additives on mucosal health with focus on the intestine of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)​
Main supervisor: Professor Mette Sørensen​
No 43-2022
Fredrik Ribsskog Staven (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

​Interaction studies on lumpfish exposed to Atlantic salmon: behavioural observations and the underlying physiological and neurobiological mechanisms 
Main supervisor: Professor Jarle Tryti Nordeide​​​​
No 42-2022

Yousri Abdelmutalab Ahmed Abdelhafiz (Sudan)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​​Insights into the bacterial communities of Nile tilapia – core members and intergenerational transfer​​
Main supervisor: Professor Kiron Viswanath
​​​​No 41-2021
​​Isabel Sofía Abihssira García (Spain)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​​Environmental impact of microplastics in relation to Atlantic salmon farming
Main supervisor: Professor Pål Olsvi​k​
No 40-2021
Aurélien Nicolas Delaval (France)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

Population genomics of a critically endangered data-deficient elasmobranch, the blue skate Dipturus batis 
Main supervisor: Professor Leslie Noble
​​No 39-2021
Valentin Kokarev (Russia)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Macrobenthic communities of sub-Arctic deep fjords:​ composition, spatial patterns and community assembly
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Henning Reiss​​
​​No 38-2021
Purushothaman Kathiresan (India)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences​​
​​Proteomics of early embryonic development of zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Main supervisor: Professor Igor Babiak
No 37-2021

Youngjin Park (Korea)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Transcriptomic and cellular studies on the intestine of Atlantic salmon: Discovering intestinal macrophages using omic tools​
Main supervisor: Professor Kiron Viswanath
No 36-2020

Ioannis Konstantinidis (Greece​​) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

DNA hydroxym​ethylation and improved growth of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) during domestication 
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes

No 35-2020

Florence Chandima Willora Arachchilage Perera (Sri Lanka)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​​The potential of plant ingredients in diets of juvenile lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus)​
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Ørjan Hagen

​No 34-2019
​Arseny Dubin (Russia)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Exploration of an anglerfish genome
Main supervisor: Professor Steinar Daae Johansen
​No 33-2019
Maja Karoline Viddal Hatlebakk (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

New insights into Calanus glacialis and C. finmarchicus distribution, life histories and physiology in high-latitude seas
Main supervisor: Professor Galice Hoarau
​No 32-2019
​Peter Schulze (Germany)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Phototrophic microalgal cultivation in cold and light-limited environments
Main supervisor: Professor Kiron Viswanath
​No 31-2019
Shruti Gupta (India)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Feed additives elicit changes in the structure of the intestinal bacterial community of Atlantic salmon
Main supervisor: Professor Kiron Viswanath
​No 30-2019
Helene Rønquist Knutsen (Norway)​
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Growth and development of juvenile spotted wolffish (Anarhichas minor) fedmicroalgae incorporated diets
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Ørjan Hagen
​No 29-2019
Andrea Bozman (Canada)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​The structuring effects of light on the deep-water Scyphozoan Periphylla Periphylla
Main supervisor: Professor Ketil EIane
No 28-2019
Qirui Zhang (China)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
The effect of embryonic incubation temperature on the immune response of larval and adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 27-2018
​Ove Nicolaisen (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Approaches to optimize marine larvae production
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Sylvie Bolla
​No 26-2018
Yangyang Gong (China) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

Microalgae as feed ingredients for Atlantic salmon
Main supervisor: Professor Mette Sørensen​
​No 25-2018
Tor Erik Jørensen (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​Molecular and evolutionary characterizationof the Atlantic cod mitochodrial genome
Main supervisor: Professor Steinar Daae Johansen
​No 24-2018​
Prabhugouda Siriyappagouder (India) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

​The intestinal mycobiota of zebrafish - community profiling and exploration of the impact of yeast exposure early in life
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 23-2018
Deepti Manjari Patel (India)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​Characterization of skin immune and stress factors of lumpfish, Cyclopterus lumpus 
Main supervisor:  Associate Professor Monica Fengsrud Brinchmann
​No 22-2018
Kanchana Bandara (Sri Lanka) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences

Diel and seasonal vertical migrations of high-latitude zooplankton: knowledge gaps and a high-resolution bridge
Main supervisor Professor Ketil Eiane
​No 21-2017
​Marina Espinasse (Russia)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Interannual variability in key zooplankton species in the North-East Atlantic: an analysis based on abundance and phenology 
Main supervisor:  Professor Ketil Eiane
​No 20-2017
​Torvald B. Egeland (Norway)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Reproduction in Arctic charr – timing and the need for speed
Main supervisor Professor Jarle Tryti Nordeide
​No 19-2017
​Marvin Choquet (France)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Combining ecologicaland molecular approaches to redefine the baseline knowledge of the genus Calanus in the North Atlantic and theArctic Oceans​
Main supervisor:  Professor Galice Hoarau​

​No 18-2017
​Marc Silberberger (Germany) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Spatial scales of benthic ecosystem in the sub-Arctic Lofoten-Vesterålen region
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Henning Reiss
​​No 17-2017
Christopher Presslauer (Canada)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Comparative and functional analysis of microRNAs during zebrafish gonadal development
Main supervisor:  Professor Igor Babiak
​No​ 16-2016
Lokesh Jeppina​​​​mogeru (India)
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Microbiota of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.), during their early and adult life
Main supervisor: Professor Kiron Viswanath
​​​​No 15-2015​
Irina Smolina (Russia)​
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
​​Calanus in the North Altantic: species identification, stress response, and population genetic structure
Main supervisor:  Professor Galice Hoarau​
​​​​No 14-2015
Cecilia Cam​​pos Vargas (Peru) 
PhD in Aquaculture

Adverse effects of sexual maturation in farmed fish
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Ørjan Hagen
​No 13-2014
Joanna Babiak (Poland)
PhD in Aquaculture
Induced masculinization of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.): Towards the goal of all-female production  
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 12-2014​
Carlo C. Lazado (Phillipines)
PhD in Aquaculture
Molecular basis of daily rhythmicity in fast skeletal muscle of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 11-2014
​Amod Kulkarni (India)
PhD in Aquaculture
Responses in gut of black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon to oral vaccine candidates against white spot disease
Main supervisor:  Professor Kiron Viswanath
​No 10 - 2013
​Alexander Jüterbock (Germany) 
PhD in Aquatic Biosciences
Climate change impact on the seaweed Fucus serratus, a key foundational species on North Atlantic rocky shores
Main supervisor Professor Galice Hoarau
​No 9 - 2013
Martin Haugmo Iversen (Norway)
PhD in Aquaculture
Stress and its impact on animal welfare during commercial production of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Kjetil Korsnes
​No 8 - 2013

Anusha Krishanthi S. Dhanasiri (Sri Lanka) 
PhD in Aquaculture

Transport-related stress in zebrafish: Physiological responses and bioremediation 
Main supervisor:Professor Kiron Viswanath
​No 7 - 2013
Binoy Rajan (India) 
PhD in Aquaculture
Proteomic characterization of Atlantic cod skin mucosa – Emphasis on innate immunity and lectins
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Monica Brinchmann
​No 6 - 2012
Teshome Tilahun Bizuayehu (Ethiopia) 
PhD in Aquaculture
Characterization of microRNA during early ontogeny and sexual development of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.)
Main supervisor: Professor Igor Babiak
​No 5 - 2012
Arvind Yegambaram Meenakshi Sundaram (India)
PhD in Aquaculture
Understanding the specificity of the innate immune response in Teleosts: Characterisation and differential expression of Teleost-specific toll-like receptors and microRNAs
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 4 - 2012
Carlos Frederico Ceccon Lanes (Brasil) 
PhD in Aquaculture
Comparative studies on the quality of eggs and larvae from broodstocks of farmed and wild Atlantic cod
Main supervisor: Professor Igor Babiak​
​No 3 - 2012
​Muhammad Naveed Yousaf (Pakistan) 
PhD in Aquaculture
Characterization of the cardiac pacemaker and pathological responses to cardiac diseases in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
Main supervisor: Professor Mark Powell / Førsteamanuensis Kjetil Korsnes
Nr 2 - 2012
​Jareeporn Ruangsri (Thailand)
PhD in Aquaculture
Characterization of antimicrobial peptides in Atlantic cod
Main supervisor: Professor Jorge Fernandes
​No 1 - 2011
​Chris Andre Johnsen (Norway) 
PhD in Aquaculture
Flesh quality and growth characteristics of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.) in relation to feed, feeding, smolt type and season. 

Main supervisor: Professor Christel Solberg​​​​​​​​​