Faculty of Education and Arts

Faculty of Education and Arts is Nord University's largest faculty. The academic profile includes teacher education, humanities and the aesthetic disciplines.

Programmes and courses

Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University offers a wide range of education, including primary teacher, pre-school teacher, postgraduate teaching, sports, art and music education. The complete list of study programmes at the faculty is available here (in Norwegian only). 

Only a few of these are available for international students. See the list of international programmes and courses for Nord University. 

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Faculty of Education and Arts conducts research and artistic development work that contributes to the development of the faculty's educational areas and the field of work we educate for. This makes the research practice- and professional-oriented.

Innovation based on professional praxis in schools and kindergartens, and children's and young people's formation and education in a holistic growing environment are central. 

Research groups

Faculty of Education and Arts has several research groups within the divisions of

  • Teacher Education
  • Kindergarten Teacher Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Postgraduate Teaching
  • Physical education, Sports science and Outdoor education
  • Speech therapy, Adapted education and Special needs education
  • Centre for Practical Knowledge

About the faculty

Faculty of Education and Arts was formally established on 1st of January 2017 after restructuring at Nord University.
The faculty has about 3346 students at four study locations: Vesterålen, Bodø, Nesna and Levanger.

Dean: Egil Solli
Vice Dean of Research: Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo
Vice Dean of Education: Geir Berg-Lennertzen 

Faculty Director:  Olav Frigaard
Office Manager - Education: Sølvi Fastvold
Office Manager - ​Finances: Bjørn Heistad


Teacher Education
Head of Division: Morten Edvardsen

Kindergarten Teacher Education
Head of Division: Ann Gøril Hugaas

Arts and culture
Head of Division: Hans-Kristian Øyan 

Postgraduate Teaching
Head of Division: Jan Arne Pettersen

Physical education, sports science and outdoor education
Head of Division: Vegar Sellæg Brenne

Speech therapy, adapted education and special needs education
Head of Division: Trond Lekang

Center for Practical Knowledge
Head of Division: Bente Aina Ingebrigtsen

Norwegian Center for Art and Culture in Education
Head of Division: 

Ragnhild Merete Hassel


 Faculty Director

 Vice Dean of Research

 Vice Dean of Education