Research at the Faculty of Education and Arts

The Faculty of Education and Arts conducts research and artistic development work that contributes to the development of the faculty's educational areas and the field of work we educate for. This makes the research practice- and professional-oriented.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovation based on professional praxis in schools and kindergartens, and children's and young people's formation and education in a holistic growing environment are central.​

The Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University offers a wide range of education, including primary teacher, pre-school teacher, postgraduate teaching, sports, art and music education.

The faculty has a holistic approach to the formation process. The total upbringing environment for children and young people, including cultural and other activities, forms our research approach.

The research activity has a special emphasis on professional practice, and also includes disciplinary research relevant to the various study programs. The research at the faculty is intended to contribute to value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship within various subject areas. The purpose is to develop both the professional field, the education we offer and the research-based knowledge related to this.

Research groups 

All academic staff at the Faculty of Education and Arts participate in one or more research projects. The research activity is organized in research groups. The research groups are thematically divided, and in this way reflect the faculty's research profile.

The faculty has a research committee with representatives from all divisions at the faculty. The research committee is central to the development of the faculty's research strategy, research profile and strategic use of the faculty's research funding. The research is directly related to the study programs and the field of work we educate for, and is well integrated into the teaching of all our study programs.

Doctoral degree

Faculty of Education and Arts, together with Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, is responsible for one of Nord University's doctoral degrees: PhD in the Study of Professional Praxis.
The faculty has about 60 PhD candidates in this PhD program.

The research activity at the faculty is led by the Vice Dean of Research Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo.

Research Divisions

Teacher Education
Head of Division: Morten Edvardsen

Kindergarten Teacher Education
Head of Division: Kathrin Olsen​

Head of Division: Hans-Kristian Øyan 

Postgraduate Teaching
Head of Division: Bård Yngve Gullvik

Physical education, sports science and outdoor education
Head of Division: Line Dverseth Danielsen

Speech therapy, adapted education and special needs education
Head of Division: Trond Lekang

Center for Practical Knowledge
Head of Division: Egil Solli

Head of Division: Ann Karin Orset​ 

 Vice Dean of Research

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