Research Division for Arts and Culture

The Research Division for Arts and Culture works with research and professional development within a range of artistic orientated programs.

The research division provides studies in Music, Acting and Drama, and Teacher Training in Arts and Crafts for nursery and primary school level education.

The Departments academic environment has established research groups and research activities with the aim of being a continually developing environment, both nationally and internationally.

The Department has 13 Professors/Lecturers, 11 Associate Professors/First Lecturers and 20 University Lecturers.

There are approximately 200 students participating in the studies of music and acting.

Studies within the Division of Arts and Culture:

  • Bachelor Degree in Theater Production and Acting is one of three main actor training programs that exist in Norway.
  • One-year Study in Music
  • Music Teacher Training
  • Music Pedagogy and Communication in Culture Schools
  • Masters degree in Music

Our programs are an important contributor to music-related work in primary and upper-secondary school education, in culture Schools, and culture in general.

We offer subjects such as "With joik as a starting point" that reflect Nord University's commitment to maintaining the Southern and Lule Sami language and culture.

Research Groups within the Division: 

See list of research groups 

 Head of Division