Digitization, Learning, and School Leadership

The research group Digitization, Learning, and School Leadership works with issues and opportunities related to the use of digital learning and solutions in and for teaching and leadership in the school. The group has a clear educational research profile in addition to an emphasis on leadership, and its work is also relevant in light of university education and pedagogy.

The research group is a part of the research divisions
Teacher Education
Speech therapy, adapted education and special needs education.
By digital learning and solutions in and for teaching, the group is referring to the use of digital tools in practical teaching contexts, which, among other things, promote pupil and student active forms of learning. The group is particularly interested in exploring digital tools that promote learning and that facilitate inclusive schools and customized education for all pupils. Digital learning and solutions in and for leadership in schools is a reference to a use of digital tools that contributes to communication with and in the school, and which emphasizes the pupil's educational journey. Furthermore, it deals with leading processes of change in the school; processes that are accelerated by or the result of the digitization of society at large. The digitization of learning structures in a larger national and European sense is also of interest to the group.
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The group aims to develop new knowledge about the effective use of digital tools in learning for teachers and school leaders, keeping the pupil at the center of its perspective. The group also contributes to the dissemination of knowledge to students and staff at Nord University, in addition to other teacher education programs. The group disseminates research to the field of practice, especially to teachers and school leaders. As research and development is central in the new national elementary teacher education program, the group’s research interests are especially relevant for pre-service teacher education and in-service teacher educators' own research. The research group welcomes university students' masters and Ph.D. projects and theses to be linked to the group's work.

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