Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Early Childhood Teacher Education (KIBB)

The research group Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Kindergarten Teacher Education (KIBB) is a multi-methodical, interdisciplinary research group, with an overall aim to work towards increasing quality in both Early Childhood Education and Cares (ECEC) as well as in the Kindergarten Teacher Education.

​​​​​​The research group is a part of the research division
Kindergarten Teacher Education
We treat quality as complex phenomena and argue that it should be studied as such. This means investigating topics and practices such as; relation and interaction in early childhood education, care, play, learning in early childhood education, children with special needs, parent participation, democracy and citizenship, indigenous and Sami related themes, the transition from early childhood education to formal schooling, early childhood education in a societal context, and practical-aesthetic modes of learning. 

With our combination of a multi-methodical and interdisciplinary approach, we wish to not only produce research of high quality and high impact, but also to contribute in the development of an influential national and international research network within this specific field.

Active Research Projects

European Quality Seal (EQS) Study: 

The European Quality Seal (EQS) founded by the European Union, and led by Wolfgang Tietze, PädQuis Germany. The Norwegian study is led by Nord University and Dr. Bjørnestad. In this study we investigate from the perspective of educators and parents what considers as good quality in early childhood education and care in Europe, and if there is possible to determine some common quality criteria across Europe.

Closed Research Projects

The longitudinal and national GoBaN project led by OsloMet and Dr. Bjørnestad. 

See www.goban.no

 Research Group Leader