Research at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

The focus areas for the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences are practical research within mental health work, health and care, drug use and management, clinical nursing, management, patient safety, pedagogy and public health.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The research activity at the faculty is led by the vice dean for research, Kari Ingstad. 

On this page, you will find information about the faculty's subject groups, and participation in the PhD programme in studies of professional practice, research centres, research projects and research schools.

Research groups​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Head of research group: professor Erik Waage Nielsen 

ANILAB conducts translation research on inflammation. The research group consists of doctors and health personnel in active service, who have cutting-edge expertise in advanced immunological methods. The group has a broad international network of contacts, and studies relevant clinical issues in a well-functioning animal lab.​

Members at FSH: 

Caring in Health Care

Head of research group: Associate Professor Anne Kasén 

The research group Caring in Health Care has a focus on knowledge development in caring within four areas: 1) basic research in caring with the focus on developing concepts and terminology within the caring tradition in Norwegian language, 2) teaching , education and professional growth in caring, 3) caritative leadership and 4) caring in clinical patient care (including patients, relatives and healthcare personnel). Within these four areas, different projects  are  realized. New members are accepted on the basis of research interest.

Members at FSH:

Clinical Nursing and Ethics

Heads of research group: Professors Berit Støre Brinchmann og Mette Spliid Ludvigsen​

The research group consists of members within nursing and health. The focus is on research in, about, and for nursing and health sciences. The research is interdisciplinary and is composed of different disciplines and research disciplines, and includes the topics: clinical nursing, ethics, eating disorders, women's health, high-risk pregnancy, drug management, nurses' participation in medication safety, and perspectives of patients, users, and relatives.  We work with descriptive, comparative and intervention studies, where the research makes an innovative contribution to the nursing and health sciences through various methodological approaches. They are qualitative (grounded theory, phenomenological-hermeneutic, ethnographic, thematic content analysis etc.), and quantitative (cohort, questionnaire etc.) primary studies, systematic knowledge summaries (systematic and / or scoping review) and metaanalysis and metasynthesis.​

Members at FSH: 

Tone Kjersti Knudsen Oddvang 


External members:  

Ragni Adelsten Stokland 

Mari Wattum

Epidemiology, Health Care and Population-based Studies

Head of research group: P​rofessor Ottar Bjerkeset 

Our research is primarily linked to the most common and widespread public health challenges in the fields of physical and mental health, and the available treatments and services. Our goal is to identify factors that promote health and factors that might contribute to poor health and disease. We aim to inform the public/general population , health services and policy makers. We utilize data from large population surveys, such as the HUNT Study​​, Tromsø Study​ and SHoT Study​​​, often in combination with national data and health registers to ensure high quality and validated exposure and outcome information​.

Members at FSH:

Bente Irene Løkken

Ingunn Jystad-Johnsen 

Public health work

Head of research group: Professor Britt Normann​

Britt Normann

Samira Behboudi Gandevani

Karina Knutsen

Members at Nord, other faculties:

Dagmar Dahl

Kari Tande-Nielsen

Vivi Storsletten​

External members:

Kari Hege Mortensen, County municipality

Daniel Weiss

Ida Bakke

Marianne Sivertsen, Nordlandsykehuset

Patient Safety, documentation and information exchange

Head of research group: Associate Professor Jorunn Bjerkan

The research group aims to provide new knowledge about systems and processes related to patient safety, patient documentation and information exchange in the healthcare services. The knowledge generated may contribute to improved quality and safety  in healthcare - and caring services. The research group intends to create synergies between research, education and praxis.​

Members at FSH:


Associated members: ​

Marianne K. Nilsen 

Tone Kjersti Knudsen Odvang 

Equitable community participation and marginalised groups

Head of research group: Associate Professor Anita Berg​ 

The group focuses on how marginalized groups can be included in society ​through equal participation, citizenship and self-determination in their own lives. A key focus is how vulnerable groups can influence the provision of help and welfare, receive equal services, participate in working life and in meaningful cultural and leisure activities in daily life.​

Members at FSH:


External members​​​:  

Anette Irene Langaas Larsen 

Hege Follestad ​


Head of research group: Associate Professor Aud Moe  

This research group intends to provide new knowledge which is important to ensure high quality in the municipal health care services. In close collaboration with the users and municipal health professionals, the ComCare research group develops scientific knowledge in various fields such as municipality health care, multi-dimensional wellbeing, care quality and patient safety, co-choice and patient autonomy.​

Members at FSH:

Lena Marian Jakobsen 

Lisbeth Rygg 

Hildfrid V Brataas 

Gøril Haugan 

Mental health

Head of research group: Associate Professor Kristin B. Ørjasæter

We are an interdisciplinary research group that draw on a range of different research methods to develop new knowledge and understanding of mental health from a life course perspective. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We engage in applied research projects and contribute to university education programs, inform policy and support the development of practice. We use methods that ensure broad collaboration between all stakeholders involved in services, education and relevant practice environments. We share our results in a range of different forms to reach members of the public, practitioners, policy-makers and researchers nationally and internationally.​​

Members at FSH:

Tone Merethe Dahl-Hegge 

Specialised healthcare: User & HCP Perspectives

Head of r​esearch group​​: Professor Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt ​

The research is linked to:

Physical and psychosocial needs, well-being and dignity of surgical patients, not least on the day of discharge: User / patient participation, relative involvement, dignity, nutrition and fluid intake, activity / mobilization and rest, cancer care and palliative-end-of-life- care.​

Use of electronic aids in elderly care: ICT use in the health care system, through the use of information technology (e-health), and mobile technology for health purposes (m-health).

The research group's largest project is the EU project INNOVATEDIGNITY.

Members at​ FSH: