Centre for Practical Knowledge

Centre for Practical Knowledge

The Centre for Practical Knowledge is concerned with developing new ways of carrying out research in practice.

The Centre for Practical Knowledge (CPK) is amongst a very few research centres of its kind, both nationally and internationally aiming to develop new and innovative ways of carrying out research and development in the professions. With its highly-trained academic staff, drawn from a variety of different research disciplines, the Centre seeks to combine Humanities research with a close attention to the professional fields themselves. 



About the Centre for practical knowledge

Established in 1997, the Centre set itself the task of developing better links between professions research and the demands met by professionals in their respective fields of practice. This mandate has been carried out by making the professional's experience the basis for developing research questions. The complexity of these research questions necessitates an academic staff with a wide variety of areas of expertise. At the same time, the Centre has chosen to emphasize a Humanities perspective in order to draw out challenges encountered in practice that are often under-emphasized in traditional professions research settings. It is intended that this co-operation can build the study of professional practice through a focus on the challenges that are encountered in various forms of practice and the way in which these both reveal and challenge our understanding of these forms of practice. The formation of professional identity amongst practitioners is also a central focus point.


Name Position Phone number +47 E-mail adresse Office nr.
James McGuirk Professor/ Centre Leader 755 17784 James.Mcguirk@uin.no
Catrine Torbjørnsen Halås Associate Professor/ Deputy Leader755 17563       Catrine.torbjornsen.halas@uin.no                             
Johan Arnt MyrstadProfessor 755 17536 Johan.arnt.myrstad@uin.no
​Randi Kaarhus​Professor​755 17755Randi.Kaarhus@uin.no
​Erik Christensen​​Professor​755 17683Erik.christensen@uin.no
Ruth H. OlsenProfessor755 17522 Ruth.olsen@uin.no           
Steen Wackerhausen Professor755 17568 Steen.wackerhausen@uin.no
​Jan Selmer Methi​Associate Professor​755 17849Jan.Selmer.Methi@uin.no
​Kari Steinsvik​​Assosiate Professor​755 17502​Kari.steinsvik@uin.no
​Bengt Kristensson Uggla​Professor IIBengt.Kristensson.Uggla@uin.no
​Morten Raffnsøe-Møller​Associate Professor IIMorten.Raffnsoe-Moller@uin.no
​Inger Danielsen​​Associate Professor II​755 17717Inger.jorun.danielsen@uin.no
Bjørg FossestølPostdoc755 17043 Bjorg.Fossestol@uin.no
Betty-Ann SolvollPostdoc755 17305 Betty-Ann.Solvoll@uin.no
​Inger-Lise Magnussen​Researcher​755 17054Inger-lise.magnussen@uin.no
​Lise Jaastad​Researcher​755 17237​Lise.jaastad@uin.no
​Peter Utnes​Researcher​755 17273​Peter.vedal.utnes@uin.no
​Maria Strandås​Researcher​755 17943​Maria.strandas2@uin.no
​Marianne Hauan​ResearcherMarianne.hauan@uin.no
​Anders Lindseth ​Professor  Emeritus​755 17531Anders.lindseth@uin.no

Master in practical knowledge

The Masters programme is a 4-year, part-time study aimed at active professionals who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the links between theory, practice and research in their field as well as, crucially, contributing to research agendas in these fields. On the basis of their own professional experience, the students encounter discussions in the theory of science, ethics, fieldwork and professional and organizational theory which are relevant to a deeper understanding of their own praxis. Through the writing of essays and the Masters dissertation itself, the student receives an introduction into research work in general. To date, over 100 students have received Masters degrees from the Centre. These students have been drawn from a variety of different professional fields including healthcare, education, police, social work, the arts and many other fields.

For more information on the programme, click here.

The Masters in Practical Knowledge is currently offered in Norwegian only.

CPK also offers a Joint Masters in Borderology with the Murmansk Statue Humanities University. The language of instruction is English. More information can be found here.

Ph.D. in the study of professional praxis

The Centre for Practical Knowledge also offers a Ph.D. programme in Professional Practice, a degree that has received national and international acclaim.  The Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary Humanities-inspired research initiative that focuses on the need to develop research in practice that is responsive to the challenges encountered in various forms of practice. Work at the Centre comprises both internally funded stipends and externally funded projects and focuses on issues in healthcare, mental health, education, social work and other discipline areas. Read more about the PhD programme here.

Click her for more information about our PhD and PROFRES Researche School

Thursday seminars

The Thursday seminar is a meeting place that is open to all those who are engaged in developing practical knowledge and professional practice research.

For more information please contact Bjørg Fossestøl/ Betty-Ann Solvoll on 92268852 / 97400477.

Seminar program for 2015-16:

08/27/15  - Cancelled
Professor James McGuirk
“Phenomenology and narratives” 

Professor Ingela Josefson and Postdoc Bjørg Fossestøl
“Thinking, conscience and responsibility; reflections on Hannah Arendt's thinking”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: A103

Professor Arnt Myrstad and Postdoc Bjørg Fossestøl
“The universal”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: A103

Ph.d. candidate Oddbjørg Edvardsen and Professor Ingela Josefson
“Stories and critical reflection”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: A103

Assoc. professor Jan Selmer Methi
“A critically probing method”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: A103

“Stories, language and metaphors”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: A103
Postdoc Bjørg Fossestøl and Betty-Ann Solvoll
“Working scientifically”
Time: 9:15am-12:00am
Room: E144