Division at the Faculty of Social Sciences

There are four divisions at the faculty.

History, Culture and Media

The division contributes to increasing knowledge on how social development connects to past events and debates, and how freedom of expression in different media creates, maintains, and develops  society. 

The research is concentrated on 3 central fields:
  • Historical research, with a special responsibility for regional and Sami history and culture
  • Innovative media research, with emphasis on the media content, journalistic practice, and multimedia as a subject of research.
  • Innovative development and use of information technology, multimedia, and games for educational purposes.
Head of Division: Svein Halvard Jørgensen

Environment, international relations, the North, and societal safety (MINS)

The division furthers knowledge on societal challenges such as climate change, societal safety, migration, development and management of natural resources, and environment.

The group works with research questions connected to the politics and management of security, environment, and natural resources, as well as questions connected to tourism, risk, climate, and rights to land and water. 

The research provides insight into international organizations’ roles and functions in regards to international conflict and cooperation. The sections research also includes a focus on ethics and values, largely aimed at the High North.

Head of Division: Berit Skorstad

Leadership and Innovation

The division conducts research with an emphasis on management, organization, innovation and entrepreneurship, management, management processes and policy development.

The division presents, evaluates, and examines who or what it is that governs, organizes and influences enterprises of all kinds. The divison contributes to innovative organization and leadership in private companies, politics, and public enterprises. 

The division also contributes to knowledge about the significance of gender and minority positions in organizations and in management.

Head of Division: Øystein Rennemo

Welfare and Social Relations

The division contributes to new knowledge on how welfare challenges and social problems are created and maintained, and how they can be faced both professionally and politically.

The division combines micro-studies of social exclusion and professional services with studies of the welfare service organization, interaction, and behaviour. 

The division is interested in how gender and minority identities are impacted in exclusion processes and professional help, and how innovation can contribute to new and better ways of meeting welfare challenges.

Head of Division: Øystein Henriksen

 Head of History, Culture and Media Division

 Head of MINS Division

 Head of Leadership and Innovation Division

 Head of Welfare and Social Relations Division