Research on Environment, International Relations, the Arctic and Security

This research group at Nord University with 27 members is formed on the field of environment studies, international relations, Arctic issues and security.

​​​​​​​​​​​​The group’s researchers are all members the Social Science faculty and works at the two campuses in both Bodø and Steinkjer. 

The group works with research issues related to politics, management and governance of nature and environmental resources, including issues related to climate change, development and rights to land and water.

The group conducts interdisciplinary and international studies on vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate change, international politics, and studies of coupled human-environment systems. The group has a special focus on rural societies and coastal communities in the Arctic regions.​

General description

The Research group works on theoretical and methodological frameworks considering societal and cultural aspects of climate change, environmental factors, geo-politics, rural tourism, risks and security.

The team consists of highly qualified circumpolar researchers, environmental sociologists, geographers, philosophers, political scientists and anthropologists of different highly relevant end current topics in contemporary society.

The group members join extensive networks in Europe, USA and Asia, maintained through targeted participation in research projects, conferences, workshops and seminars. The group includes professors, associate professors, PhD students and postdoc fellows.​

Topics and issues for research

Environment and Society:

Fisheries’ management
Wildlife management
Ethics and environmental attitudes
Recycling practices
Environment and cultures
Environmental policy, economy and legislation
Studies on conflict issues related to recourses
Environment and urbanization
Coastal Zone Management

Sustainable Development in the High North:

Geopolitics in the Arctic
Rural development issues
Traditional land and recourse management
Conservation and ecological economics
Eco-Tourism and rural development
Participatory and governance
Social and human sustainable development
Coastal communities
Environment and climate change

Societal development, Indigenous studies and Migration:

Migration and integration
Innovation and migration
Tourism and local adaptation
Student migration and exchange
Migration and conflicts
Sami and Indigenous issues

Climate Change and Local Adaptation:

Societal and ecological vulnerability
Climate impact on rural areas and quality of life
Adaptation and Mitigating measures
Circumpolar Issues to Climate change
Pastoral activity and climate

Security politics and risk management:

Geopolitics in the Arctic
Barents Studies
Risk management and organizations
Geo-informatics (GIS)
Emergency management​


Team members:

​Anne-Jo​runn Berg
Anne Wally​ Falch Ryan
​Associate Professor
​​Anne​lin Seppola​​Associate Professor​​​
Astri Dankert​sen
​Associate Professor
Barbara Bea​ta Baczynska
PhD student
Benedicte Forsland
​PhD student​​
Berit Sko​rstad
Bjørn O​lav Haram Knutsen​Associate Professor
​Charlotte Gehrke
​PhD student
​Corine Wood-Donnelly
​Associate Professor
​Eivind Junker
​Associate Professor
​Eivind ​Karlsen
​Associate Professor
​​Elisabeth P​ettersen​​Associate Professor
Geir Olav K​nappe​​Assistant Professor
​​Gjermun​d Wollan​
​Associate Professor
Grete Ka​are Hovelsrud​Professor
Gulnara Nadamova​
​PhD student
​Hans Wilhelm Engel Thorsen

​Håkan T​orleif Sandersen
​Associate Professor
Iselin Silj​a Kaspersen
​PhD student
Ivar S​vare Holand
​Associate Professor
​Julia Ols​en
​Researcher 3
Ka​thinka Fossum Evertsen
​PhD student
Kim-Tonny​ Henriksen Lyså
​PhD student
Kristian Åtland
​Professor II
Lisa Ekma​n​n
​PhD student
​Liv Toril Pettersen
Marit Bolsø Brodersen
​PhD student
Martin Kossa
​Associate Professor
Mathias Brynildsen ​Reinar
​PhD student
Monica​ Guillen Royo
​Associate Professor
Olof Andreas Stjernström​​
Stig Ole Johann​essen
​Svein Ottar Hammer​
Tanja Ellin​gsen​Associate Professor
Thea Rab​e
​PhD student
Ton​je Kvam
​PhD student
Torbjørn Ped​ersen​
Virginija Popovaitè​
PhD student​

Research projects

​​​​GSS3 (in Norwegian)​

UrbanMine​ (in Norwegian)

News and events

What do yout​h from​​​ Bodø i​​n Arctic Norway think about climate change?, Cicero Center for International Climate Research, Julia Bobina, student, Master in Social Sciences​, 07.12.2017.

 Head of group

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