Kreativt Bygg: A Space for Creative Academic Environments

Kreativt bygg illustration photo
With Kreativt Bygg (Creative Building), Nord University's academic environments will educate and explore.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Blasting 25th and 26th of January

Blasting was planned for 23rd and 24th​ of January.

The work has been postponed, and will be carried out on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of JanuaryThere is a small part of the mountain that needs to be removed.

Blasts on campus
The siren starts 3 minutes before the blast.
The siren warns in bursts.
The rooms in Nordlåna facing the blasting area must be left for the nearest corridor without a window facing the construction site.
The rooms in Nylåna facing the blasting area must be left for the nearest corridor without a window facing the construction site.
When blasting is finished, it is announced with one long sound from the siren.

Read also: Information from NFF about rock blasting in the neighbourhood (in norwegian)​.
In the event of blasting, everyone who has an office or presence with a window facing the construction site must leave this area during the time when the siren sounds. It is not required to evacuate the building. The sound from the siren will not be so powerful that employees and students at, for example, the main building will hear it. For employees there, one will most likely feel shaking from blasting without having received a prior warning.

Contact person
Inquiries can be directed to Tom Henriksen at Nord University. Regular meetings have been arranged with safety representatives for the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV) and the Faculty of Education and Arts (FLU) during the period of noisy work. FSV and FLU are those directly affected with students and employees in the immediate vicinity of the construction site.

Further work
Up to and including week 4, mass will be removed from the site. This may be noisy, but is the only way to get the masses out. Pigging can also take place in the mountains, but we try to avoid this as much as possible.

When the concrete work starts in week 6, noisy work will be of a minimal nature.​

Progress plan for groundwork

Start of construction
Access to area according to contract: week 40
Actual possibility for start-up*: week 49

Fencing, electricity, construction site barracks, etc: week 43, 45, 47, 48 and 51

Groundwork for building
​​Blasting/levelling/arrivals/VA/, etc.: week 49-week 10, 2023

*Necessary accesses and approvals authorized.

Kreativt Bygg is a new university building of approximately 1300 square meters at Nord University, Levanger. 
Nord University acting education will be moved into the new building and the building will be of use for the other creative academic environments which are ​in need of a stage, rooms with high ceilings, and large rooms with flat floors.

Kreativt Bygg will be a significant addition to the Levanger campus and it will provide space for joint activities and larger events.​​

Facts: Kreativt Bygg in Levanger​

  • ​​The new building will be ​​1300 square meters
  • Theatre ​hall and ​3​ rehearsal spaces
  • ​Combined construction of the ​Nylåna, Kreativt bygg, ​​and Nordlåna buildings
  • ​Gives disabled people better access to the entire campus​
  • Maximum cost: NOK 100 million​​
  • Completion​ 31st of December 2023​

 Contact person