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Two-factor authentication O365 for Students

Informa​tion on two-factor authentication for students can be found at Security

​​​​​​​Nettskjema - online surveys

FileSender – transfer large files​

FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.

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​IT Helpdesk

Telephone: 75 51 74 00

Phone Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 15:00 (Summer, May 15 to September 15)
Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 15:45 (W​inter)

IT Front Desk Opening Hours​

The counters are closed until 12 of April​.

​Call for an appointment in advance if you need assistance from IT on campus​. 


MazeMap: Location of the IT helpdesk counter in Bodø
MazeMap: Location of the IT helpdesk counter in Levanger​

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