Charging your account, printing, scanning and copying

​How does followme printing work?

The university utilizes FollowMe. This system enables you to use your student card to print from a printer of your choice. You send your print jobs to a general queue, and then choose which printer to retrieve your printouts from.

The printout will only be available after you log in to the chosen printer,​ using your student card.

Multifunctional machines for printing, scanning and copying are located on every campus. Swipe or hold your student card in the card reader and select function.

Trøndelag: The first time you use the card, it needs to be registered at one of the machines. A guide for registration is available at the machine.

Printing from computer lab

  1. Send the document to the printer: FollowMe på print-bod
  2. Go to the machine that you wish to use and use your student card to log in. You will be presented with a list of your documents available for printing. Documents that are not printed out will automatically be deleted from the queue the following night.

Mobile printing

  1. Access the link: Printing from mobile devices
  2. Log in with your student number.
  3. Click 'Bla gjennom...' and browse to the file you want to print.
  4. Select the FollowMe printer.
  5. Use your student card to retrieve the document on the printer.

What does it cost to print/copy?

  • A4 black/white, single/double page: 0,40 NOK
  • A4 color, single/double page: 1,60 NOK
  • A3 black/white, single/double page: 0,80 NOK
  • A3 color, single/double page: 3,20 NOK

Charging your printing account

  • New students get 30 NOK in the account.
  • To charge your account access the link: (only available on campus).
  • There is no refund of unused amount.


You can scan documents directly to your email at no cost. Log into the copy machine and choose "Email".


Rates for copying depend on whether you choose to copy in colour, double-sided etc. Log into the copy machine and choose "Copy".


Front page templates for student projects can be found at student/examinations.