​​Virus pro​t​​ection

As a user of the Nord University network, it is your personal responsibility to keep your computer free of viruses.

Send an email to for advice about antivirus software.

Activating your us​er a​ccount

You must activate your student account in the self-service portal to gain access to IT services at the university. You will need your student number which is included in your welcome letter.  You will only have access to activate an account if you have accepted an offer of admission from Nord University.You must activate your student account in the self-service portal to gain access to IT services at the university. It takes up to two hours from your account is activated the first time, until it is available.

Use pc/mac and go to the Self-service Portal for students. You can not complete activation with mobile/tablet.

Locked acc​​​ount

Your account will be locked if you repeatedly type the wrong password, or if the password is expired. If your account has been locked, please use the Self service portal, and choose Forgotten password.

Changing a​c​​cess PIN-code

You can change the pin-code for the access control at the self service portal, choose Change PIN-code.

Changing y​ou​r password

Change your password often. Feel free to change it before you are notified by email.


Feide is the service that allows you to access other IT services with same username and password.

The service enables you to see what information the institution has stored about you, and what services you have agreed to share your personal information with.

Proper use​ of Nord Un​​iversity’s computer equipment

Computer equipment provided to the student may only be used for limited private purposes, and private data stored on the machine is not the University’s responsibility.

Computer equipment and resources may not be used commercially, or for activities unrelated to the work of the University.

The possibility of shared use of equipment and information entails a responsibility for using the systems legally and always acting responsibly. Students at the University are expected to respect the rights of others and use the computer equipment with due consideration.

Two-factor auth​​​​en​tication O365 for Students​

An important area for Nord universitet is information security. To ensure your user identity and your data stored by email and in OneDrive, we want to protect them from existing security threats. 

After graduation

Your account and access to Nord University will be terminated the day your studies are completed.

Files in your home folder and OneDrive: If you have files in your home folder that you wish to keep after the end of your studies, you need to move these onto a memory device prior to the completion of your studies.

This also applies to files that you have stored in the OneDrive cloud service.

Email address: Your email address will be terminated. If you have been using this address actively, it is recommended that you inform your contacts that they should contact you on a new email address.

Wireless network, Fronter and printing services: You will not have access to the wireless network, Fronter or printing services following completion of studies.