International Office

The International Office can assist prospective and current students and partners with questions about exchange programmes, partner agreements and international full-degree programmes.

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Erasmus + // European and International mobility​

  • Information about student exchange (studies and practice)
  • Practical support to outgoing Erasmus+ students
  • Advice and guidance regarding the establishment of Erasmus+ agreements

Responsible: Elena Popova

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Erasmus + staff mobility

  • Requirements and application process
  • Administration

Responsible: Åse Birkeland Nesdal​

Agreements, practice and studies outside the EU

  • Agreement-level management of outgoing students
  • Bilateral other than Erasmus+
  • Practice and studies other than Erasmus+
Questions about
  • ​north2north
  • Lånekassen
  • Visa for outgoing students
Responsible: Kai-Martin Johnsen

Coordination of admission of incoming students from partner institutions

Responsible: Tonje Kristine Berg

Responsible: Åse Birkeland Nesdal

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Coordination of reception and pre-arrival information for international students

Responsible: Tonje Kristine Berg

Responsible: Mari Anna Brønseth Friedrich

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"Students at risk"

Responsible: Tonje Kristine Berg

​​"Intern abroad"

Responsible: Tonje Kristine Berg

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Staff at the international office 

Visiting hours and contact

To ensure that we can provide you with the best service possible, book an appointment by choosing one of the topics on this page and following the link.

Campus Bodø

Through the main entrance, then through the glass door by the service desk. 

Campus Levanger

Pavilijong 3, second floor.

Opening hours
Appointment and phone: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am - 2 pm.

We recommend that students and staff seek electronic consulting via Microsoft Teams.

General enquiries:

Telephone: +47 75 51 78 70​
Facebook: Utveksling fra Nord