The Print Shop

The University Print Shop is a digital in-house print shop located in Bodø. Our services are primarily for the university's faculties, departments, staff and students - but we are also available for external customers.

Contact us

Visiting address: Nord University Bodø, entrance B, first floor.
Postal address:
 Nord University, Trykkeriet, 8049 Bodø
 755 17558 |  Mobile: 907 68206
Opening hours: Mon-fri 08.00-15.45

Course readings/compendia

Students must purchase compendia (readings collections) at Akademika bookstore, located on campus.

  • This is a "non-profit" sale, ensuring that all students have access to relevant literature. Akademika Bodø acts a sales agent on behalf of University of Nordland.
  • Compendia are non-original publications, subject to copyright agreements, and may only be sold to students registered at UiN. Valid student identification is required at the time of purchase. If you have not received your student/semester card, you may use a receipt from payment of semester fees or a receipt for exam enrolment.
  • Compendia are not available for sale through Akademika's webshop. If you are unable to purchase the book from Akademika's Bodø location, you may send an email to and you will receive your compendia via post.  You will also need to send valid documentation of your student status at UiN.

Printing and copying

The Print Shop is responsible for all student printers. For access to the printers, you need a valid student card used for login and payment.
Printers are located in the University Library, on all floors.

  • A4 double-sided b/w: kr 0,6 / page
  •  A4 single-sided b/w: kr 0,7 /page
  • A4 double-sided colour: kr 2,- /page
  • A4 single-sided colour: kr 2,20 /page