Ombudsperson for students

The ombudsperson for students is an independent, impartial person, whose role is to aid and advise students in cases related to studies and academic affairs. The ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality and the service is free of charge.

What is the ombudsperson's role?

The ombudsperson for students is an independent and impartial person whose role is to advise students at Nord University in cases related to their studies and academic situation.

The ombudsperson does not represent the university, or the students, but can assist in clarifying cases in an impartial manner. The ombudsperson ensures that each case is handled correctly and in accordance with due process, and that the student's rights are assured.

The ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality. The service is free of charge. Students may contact the ombudsperson without further obligation. If the ombudsperson is unable to assist you, she will refer you to the correct authority.

How can the ombudsperson assist me?

The ombudsperson can assist you with situations related to your studies and academic situation.

Get in touch with the ombudsperson if you:
- Have a problem and are unsure about who you should talk to.
- Have an active case related to your studies/academic situation but are unsure  about how to proceed.
- Have reported a problem, but feel that you haven't been heard or have not received a response.

Which types of cases are related to my studies / academic situation?

Typical cases related to your studies/academic situation might be:
- Examinations
- Facilitation / special needs
- Work practice
- Suitability assessment
- Admissions
- Discrimination
- Bullying
- Harassment
- Student-student or student-staff/supervisor conflict
- Issues related to confidentiality and duty of confidentiality
- Administrative issues
- Student rights

What can the ombudsperson do for me?

 The ombudsperson can:

- Listen to you and provide guidance in difficult situations.
- Discuss your concerns, clarify questions and provide advice about your options and how to further your case.
- Provide information and advice about your rights and obligations as student at Nord.
- Help you to solve a problem at the lowest possible level.
- Attend meetings between you as a student and the university's representatives as an impartial third party.
- Investigate whether Nord University's management of your case accords with the applicable rules and regulations, and that your rights are assured.

What can't the ombudsperson do?

- Adopt decisions in cases.
- Act as a complaints or appeals authority in cases heard or determined in other departments or decision-making bodies at the university.
- Instruct staff members, departments or decision-making bodies at the university.
- Act as the student's representative or act as party to a case or ongoing conflict.

Help to report a problem

The ombudsperson can help you report a problem or misconduct, including:
- Breach of security routines
- Threats to health and safety, and life-threatening situations
- Discrimination, bullying and harassment

The ombudsperson can help you with anonymous reporting.

Sexual harassment

If you believe that you are a victim of sexual harassment or the target of unwanted sexual attention within the learning environment, you can contact the ombudsperson for a confidential, informal talk. The ombudsperson will not further your case unless you specifically request help to do so.

What is duty of confidentiality?

The ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality. This means that any enquiries you make to the ombudsperson are completely confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else. The ombudsperson can only access confidential information about you if you provide active consent.

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Ombudsperson for students

Hanne Seljesæter
Phone: 941 69 899
Office: A104 (Main building, entrance A), Bodø

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Get in touch via email or telephone. Some enquires are easily managed through email.

If you would like to make an appointment you can book a counselling session online.

Please note: If you send an email, provide a short explanation of your question/case. Please do not send sensitive documents or information, such as medical certificates and the like.

About me

I am a certified legal practitioner, with additional qualifications in practical pedagogy, psychology and social anthropology.

I have broad experience from the public sector, where I have worked in public administration as well as advisory, guidance and teaching positions. I have also held a range of representative offices.

I am a member of the Scandinavian Network of Ombuds in Higher Education and the Norwegian Student Ombud Network.