Bus routes
Students with accommodation in the city of Bodø itself usually take the bus to the university, which is located 9 kilometers from the city centre. The main bus routes from the city centre are routes 1 and 2, with buses leaving every 10 - 30 minutes in normal working hours. Bus route 2 serves students living at student accommodation at Flatvoll. Most student accommodation in Bodø is located within walking distance of the university.

Student discounts
Student discounts vary for transport services. You will need valid student ID to obtain a discount. Your student card with semester sticker, or student ID app on your phone, are acceptable forms of student ID.

Bus card
The cheapest way to travel by bus is to obtain a trip saver card "Nordlandskort", which you charge and swipe at the beginning of each bus trip.  By using a Nordlandskort, students save around a third of the individual ticket price. You can obtain a bus card on any bus, or from the bus terminal on Sjøgata in the city centre.

The bus timetable is available in Norwegian only. If you have trouble understanding the bus timetable, ask for help at the university's information desk or at the bus service centre located in the city centre. The university information desk in the main building can also provide students with bus timetables.

Other transport
Ferry (Coastline and fjords) - Torghatten
Train (Bodø - Oslo and beyond) - NSB
Flights (national - international) - Norwegian
Flights (national - international) - SAS
Coastal express - Hurtigruten