The best of Bodø

free skiing on småtind
Bodø is characterized by its impressive contrasts. From midnight sun, to Northern Lights. Mountains to fjords. Still lakes to wild winter seas.

​Nord University Bodø

The main campus is located at Mørkved, about 9 kilometers from the centre of Bodø, in an area that has developed to accommodate a large university community. Nord 

University Bodø hosts 5,000 students, of which about 10 percent are international exchange and degree students.​

Student housing at Nord University Bodø.

Getting to Bodø

You can travel to Bodø by plane, train, express boat, coastal express (Hurtigruten), ferry and bus

Bodø's airport is located in the city itself, making it quick and easy to fly in and out. Oslo Gardemoen is a 90 minute flight away.

Urban Bodø

The city has a developed music community. 

In the month of August, Bodø hosts "Parkenfestivalen", a popular music festival of which Nord University is a sponsor.  

"Nordland musikkfestuke" is a biannual, week-long music festival with local and national artists.

"Stormen", Bodø's state-of-the-art cultural centre, was opened in November 2014. 

The complex comprises a theatre and concert house, and a library and literature house. 

Located on the harbour in central Bodø, Stormen is the perfect place to read and relax, meet for coffee or simply enjoy the spectacular view.

Art and History
Nordland boasts a rich tapestry of history and art, from stone-age carvings, Viking graves, perfectly preserved manors and "haunted" farms, to abandoned German forts of a more recent era. 

For those interested in art and crafts, the Salten area has a diverse community of local artists, glass blowers, smiths, potters and jewellery makers.

Stormen Concert House and Library in Bodø.

Adventure, sport and tourism

Bodø provides the launching point for a huge range of outdoor activities and adventure sports, including:

  • Caving in the Northern Hemisphere's largest cathedral cave, Svarthammarhola.
  • Ocean rafting and scuba diving in the world's largest tidal current, Saltstraumen.
  • Free skiing on one of many 1,000m peaks.
  • Glacier wandering on Svartisen.
  • Snorkeling with Orcas in Vesterålen.
  • Surfing at Unstad in Lofoten.
More information about adventures from Bodø:

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Arctic Escape

Each semester StudentiNord and the International Office arrange exciting and challenging activities for students at Nord, called Arctic Escape. In previous years, Arctic Escape has included caving, kayaking and jet boating.

Bodø by light

Winter dark and midnight sun. Northern lights and bright nights. The light in Bodø is a source of endless fascination. 

The city's location, abutting the open ocean, ensures spectacular visual experiences all year round.

Facts about Bodø

Founded: 1816
Population: 50,000
Closest airport: Bodø Lufthavn
Time to Oslo: 1h 30m by plane
Midnight sun: June 4 - July 8 every year
World's strongest tidal current, Saltstraumen

Facts about Nord

11,000 students
1,300 employees
4 doctoral programmes

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Bodø Municipality
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