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Nord University Steinkjer

The study location at Steinkjer is located in the town centre, just a short walk from the train station. Nord University Steinkjer hosts approximately 1000 students and offers a range of study programmes within multimedia, administration and business management.

Getting to Steinkjer

Fly to Trondheim Værnes airport, then take the regional train to Steinkjer. Train timetables are available on the national railway's website, VY.

Culture and tourism

Steinkjer offers a range of both cultural and natural attractions and adventures. With its rich cultural history, it is not surprising that Steinkjer hosts the Viking festival at Egge Museum. Music and cultural festivals Steinkjerfestivalen, Steinkjermartnan and Hilmarfestivalen are held annually.

The nature in Nord-Trøndelag is perfect for bicycling and hiking. Caving at Mokk Farm, with its underground creeks and lakes, waterfalls and delicate limestone formations, provides a unique, underground experience for adventure-seekers.

History and architecture

The city was established in 1857, but evidence of human settlement can be traced back thousands of years. During Viking times, great leaders travelled from Steinkjer to meet Olaf II (known in death as rex perpetuus Norvegiae - the eternal king of Norway)  in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, a turning point in Norway's history. Read more here.

For ancient history enthusiasts, Steinkjer is a great starting point for excursions to archeological sites such as Bølareinen, Bardal, Toldnes and Helgefelt, where one can see Stone Age rock carvings, Bronze Age burial mounds and other archeological finds.

Today, Steinkjer is the capital of one of Norway's richest agricultural regions.

Steinkjer has been re-built several times since first settlement. Much of Steinkjer's Empire-style old town was destroyed by fire in 1900. The Jugend-style buildings that replaced the old town were destroyed in large part during World War II. The new city is built in the Functionalist style.

Facts about Steinkjer

Population: 21,200
Closest airport: Trondheim Værnes
Time to closest airport: 1h 20m by train

Facts about Nord

11,000 students
1,300 employees
4 doctoral programmes

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