The Finance Department

The department is responsible for accounting, salaries, budget, reporting, procurement activities, and investigation/case management within the economy and project field at Nord University. The department is also responsible for developing effective routines and systems for the collected finance management at the university. The finance department is organised as a part of the university's joint administration and is led by the head of finance and analysis.

​​Budget and reporting

The budget and analysis unit are professionally responsible for all processes connected to budget and financial management at institutional level. The unit deals with budget distribution and reporting both internally and externally as well as all board matters of a financial nature.


The procurement team consists of three co-workers and has the professional responsibility of producerement at Nord University. This involves competition implementation, following up contracts, and general professional support. The office location is in Bodø. The procurement team can be contacted at

Externally financed activity

The finance department is responsible for creating and maintaining admistrative routines and guidelines connected with the university's externally financed activities. This includes a system responsibility for our electronic project tools, where the institution's grant and commision-funded portfolio appears. The unit is responsible for calculating and keeping track of rates for the charging of indirect costs in the project, including the TDI model.

Salary and travel bills/reimbursements

The payroll unit handles all payments of wages, fees/allowances, travel bills, and reimbursements for university employees, as well as external and hourly employees. The unit is also responsible for the maintenance of payroll and personnel data in the payroll and personnel system SAP, including the associated self-service solutions DFØ portal and the DFØ app.

Head: Vibeke Eriksdatter

Read more about the payroll unit and see a more detailed list of the payroll unit staff and their tasks.​

Accounting and invoices

The finance department is responsible for all accounting at Nord University. All accounting is centralised, while attestation and approval of attachments are decentralised. For questions about accounting and invoices, send an e-mail to