The Payroll Unit

The payroll unit handles all payments of wages, fees/allowances, travel bills, and reimbursements for university employees, as well as external and hourly employees.

​The unit is also responsible for the maintenance of payroll and personnel data in the payroll and personnel system SAP, including the associated self-service solutions DFØ portal and the DFØ app.

Staff at the payroll unit:

Salary administration and the payment of salary

If you have any questions about the salary payment, travel bills or reimbursements, you can send an e-mail to​ or contact someone in the staff of the payroll unit.​


Reimbursments from Nav

​Registration of sick notices and parental leaves with income information and reimbursement claims to Nav.

Retirement reporting to​ the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

​Salary and employment data is reported monthly from the salary system to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

User administration and workflow

Contact information

Contact us at
Leader of the unit: Vibeke Eriksdatter