The Director of Academic Affairs' Staff

The Director of Academic Affairs' Staff​ works with​ the study portfolio, analyses, ​​quality assurance, regional contact, ​continuing education, alumni, learning environment, system management, student issues, and suitability assessment.​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​Educational quality and portfolio development

  • Study portfolio
  • Quality assurance system (KSS) for education
  • Continous quality assurance development
  • Secretariat the teaching committee (UU)
  • Internal revision/quality and efficiency
  • Accreditation and re-accreditation
  • The Student Survey
  • NOKUT ​oversight and evaluations
  • Routine and process improvement
  • Internal training

System management, statistics, and analysis

Bente Karin Duun (team leader)
  • Registration and quality assurance
  • System management of ​the study administrative system
  • System development
  • Digitizitation of work processes
  • Basic data F5
  • Reporting for the database of higher education (DBH)
  • Statistics and numbers - indicator development
  • Projects
  • Investigations
  • Internal training

Regional contact, flexible studies, and continuing education

Campus leaders:
  • Coordinating between faculties for flexible study ​offers
  • Contribute in the development of flexible and distributed offers
  • Regional contact and participation in external meeting areas
  • Marketing and recruitment for flexible study offers
  • Develop and ensure quality routines for flexible studies
  • Secretariat EVU forum Nord
  • Secretariat EVU team between faculties
  • Alumni - implementation and follow-up
  • Candidate examination
  • Assist faculties with external financing
  • Participation in the board for the cooperation with the work life (RSA)
  • Internal training

Learning environment

Karin Anette Indbryn​
Janicke Toxen Flack

  • Secretariat of the learning environment committee (LMU)
  • Secretariat​ FSU
  • Secretariat competence network for the students' success in higher education
  • Universal design
  • Follow-up and development of the mentor programme
  • Committee for the students' health and well-being (SHOT committee)
  • Contact for the student democracy
  • Training student union representatives
  • Institutional contact for the competence network
  • Internal training​​

Campus management

Tasks as regional contact:
  • The campus leader shall have a clear role as regional, strategic community contact for Nord University with​ a good anchoring in the university management. The role will contribute to dialogue and cooperation between communities and industries in the regions and at Nord University
  • The campus leader will participate in various networks/partnerships and fora regionally and represent the university management with clarified responsibilities
  • The campus leader will follow up local/regional cooperations agreements on an institutional level on the behalf of Nord and contribute to dialogue and cooperation between the faculties on these
  • The campus leader will participate in strategic campus development projects to contribute to the attractiveness and development of the campuses
  • The campus leader will, through insight in the regions' need for competence, participate in the study portfolio work and EVU
  • The campus leaders at Vesterålen and Namsos have secretariat responsibility for RSA
Internal tasks:
  • The campus leader is the contact point for issues and activities concerning the campus
  • Has overall responsibility for management, coordination and development of the campus. This will vary in extent based on the size of the campus.
  • The campus leader will contribute to marketing, recruitment and reputation building
  • The campus leader is responsible for a well-functioning first semester-committee
  • Ensure student​ participating through systematic dialogue with the student democracy and study associations
  • The campus leader will contribute to ensuring a good workplace environment at the campus through the coordination of measures, as well as by being a leader support resource for local leaders
  • The campus leader will contribute to dialogue between joint units and faculties in issues that involve the campus
  • The campus leader will participate in the development of the study portfolio
  • The campus leader will, when needed, follow up time-limited tasks/projects delagetd from faculties and businesses.
  • The campus leader has the role as local preparedness leader at the campus.

The board for student issues

  • ​Secretariat for the board for student issues
  • Nord University's local regulation - institution-wide guidelines

Insitutional responsible for suitability assessments

  • Information about suitability assessments for students, employees and cooperatin partners.
  • Guidance before reporting doubt
  • Investigation and case management of reports of doubt
Secretary for the board:
Theresa Abrahamsen Hvalby