The University Board 2016-2019

Vigdis Moe Skarstein, Solna, Sweden

Bjørg Tørresdal, Levanger 
Aslaug Mikkelsen, Stavanger 
Reidar Bye, Steinkjer 
Anders Söderholm, Sundsvall, Sweden

1. Søren Fredrik Voie, Leknes 
2. Kriss Rokkan Iversen, Kabelvåg 

Members elected by the university staff

Permanent employees in teaching and research positions
Roar Tromsdal 
(substitute Kåre Haugan)
Asbjørn Røiseland (substitute Ove Jakobsen)
Lisbeth Flatraaker 
(substitute Siv Almendingen)

Non-permanent employees in teaching and research positions
Wenche Hammer Johannessen (substitute Espen Leirset)

Technical and administrive employees
Roald Jakobsen 
(substitute Merete Holm)

Kaja Varem Aardal 
(substitute Fay-Reneé Olsen Waag)
Kjetil Fjellgaard 
(substitute Oda Oldertrøen)
Andreas Hovd 
(substitute Emma Giskås)

Terms of reference 

The Board is the university's highest governing body. The Board is responsible for the maintenance of a high academic standard at the institution, and ensuring that the university is managed efficiently and in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations.  The Board determines the strategy, goals and expected results for the institution, and ensures that daily management is carried out in accordance with the same. The Board is responsible for allocation of economic resources, auditing and reporting. The Board of Nord University is effective from January 1 2016 until July 31 2019. Members are nominated by the Ministry of Education and Research.