Sustainability goals

Fasadebilde av Nord universitet
​Nord University shall contribute to sustainable development and value creation through research, education, collaboration with society and the business sector and as part of an international university community.

​We will create new knowledge, educate people who meet the challenges of their time and be a driving force for innovation and democratic development​.​

"For Nord University, sustainability is something that will permeate everything that happens at the university, both in terms of research, education and dissemination. But no-one succeeds alone in ensuring sustainable development. Good dialogue and cooperation is crucial."​

- Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, ​Vice-Rector for Education, Nord University

Why is sustainability important for Nord University?

1. We are committed! Our purpose is to contribute to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development. 
2. For the community! As an important part of society, Nord University will take responsibility. 
3. To be or not to be. Being both consumers and customers, we set stricter demands to sustainability. This also affects our choice of educational institution, both as employees and students. 
4. If we sin, we are punished! Strict penalties are introduced for enterprises that are careless or wasteful, which will affect our economy. 
5. We are already doing a lot. You may not have thought about it (yet), but you are already meeting many of the UN's sustainable development goals. This is something we must acknowledge, talk about and make visible. 
6. The strategy paves the way! Sustainability is a significant part of Strategy 2030. It is time to translate words into action!

Project: Sustainability at Nord University

Nord University's purpose is to contribute to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development. But what does sustainability mean for Nord University? This is something a newly established project group is working to find out. 

The project will begin by mapping out what is already being done at Nord University in line with the UN's sustainabl​​e development goals. The project will then define which parts of sustainability the university will prioritise to work with, and propose goals for sustainability within research, education, internal operations and collaboration. The project will also build knowledge and ownership for sustainability among employees and students, and suggest how to organise the work after the project has ended.​

"We have seen a lot of good initiatives and commitment. We now want to strengthen this commitment and ensure a common effort to secure a more sustainable university. This means that we will put sustainability on the agenda together, create a common understanding and prioritise what we have to work with in the future."​

​ - Hanne Solheim Hansen, rector, Nord University

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals​

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the world's joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and halt climate change by 2030.

The sustainable development goals represent a new and holistic approach to development and social responsibility. They encompass all countries and affect all sections of society.

​Achieving these goals requires effort at all levels.

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