Per Arne Godejord

Senior lecturer Nord University Business School
STJCA 2.3219

About me

Senior Lecturer in ICT (2003, - Information security awareness). Majoring in Information Science (UiB, 1991 - Theme: Biometric security systems, electronic payment services and privacy); including major specialization in Public Law, focusing on Labour law and Police Law. Pedagogical Seminar (UiB, 1991). Further specialization in Tactical Evaluation and Guidance (HVSKS, 2012).​

Fields of interests and expertise: Biometric security systems, Security Awareness, Corporate E-Learning, ICT and Law, and Tactical Evaluation and Guidance.
Other: Conscripted Staff Advisor Rank 7/ Captain (Ret.), Norwegian Civil Defence


Field of Teaching:  ICT and Learning 1 and 2 (AE study programs) and Digital Preparedness (MBA topic) 

Course coordination/main lecturer: ORG5005, IKT1013, IKT1014, IKT1016, ​IKT1024 /Other courses: IKT1022, IKT1023

Teaching effect: My experience.

Lecturing abroad: MA-students at University of Zielona Gora, Poland, November 2006, September 2007 and January 2008. Students of the Scientific Circle, including PhD.-students, University of Szczecin, Poland, May 2010

Field of guidance: MBA students focusing on Preparedness and Digitalization. AE students within the area of digital media and learning.​​


Preparedness and E-Learning​:


Exercise instructor in a time of pandemic​.