Ingunn Skjesol

Associate Professor Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
+47 74 21 23 29
Levanger, B Hovedbygning 321

About me

I am head of the Social Education and Mental Health Division in the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences in Nord University.

Prior to moving to academia I worked as a practitioner (Social Education) in a municipality supporting people with complex needs in their everyday lives. A Social Educator (Vernepleier in Norwegian) is a unique Norwegian profession combining health care and social work. Categorised as a health professional Social Educators typically work within municipal health and welfare services with a particular orientation to people with disabilities in residential or community settings. I have been a lecturer in the Social Education program since 2009, and was awarded a PhD in social sciences and social work from NTNU in 2019. In my PhD I explored how integrated family support services are organised and made accessible to families and communities within a particular innovative organisation model - Family Centres. 

My research seeks to bridge the divide between practice and academia. I am interested in applied research that supports the development of services, professionals and residents in municipalities across Norway and internationally.


  • Bachelor in Social Education, University College of Nord- Trøndelag (2004)
  • Social Educator, Verran municipality (2004-2009)
  • Lecturer, University College of Nord- Trøndelag / Nord University (2009-2019)
  • Masters in Disability and Society, NTNU (2011)
  • PhD in Social Sciences (Social Work), NTNU (2019)
​Foto: Brynhild Bye-Tiller​


I teach on a range of topics including, interdisciplinary work, ethics, health promotion, low threshold services, user involvement, communication and qualitative methods.

I am also interested in how we make use of the possibilities for digital collaboration and co-creation, and provide guidance for students and colleagues on how to use digital tools like NViVo, EndNote and Office 365.  ​


I am a member in the Mental Health Research Group in the faculty, and an associated member in the Equal Community Participation for Marginalised Groups Research Group. I am also an associate member of the research group for Preventive and Health Promotion Measures at RKBU Nord at the University of Tromsø (UiT).

In my PhD I explored interaction in three Norwegian family centres. The centres were inspired by the Swedish Family House model; a model where different services are co-located to support children, young people and their families. I have extended this work through an Erasmus+ project,IAS- increasing accessibility of integrated ECEC services to support all families with young children.​ This project is led by RKBU, UiT but includes collaborators from four other European countries: Belgium, Finland, Slovenia and Poland.

Familiens hus som arena for helsefremming  

​I am currently collaborating with Levanger municipality to develop a new model for engaging with parents in schools. This project, SAMMEN i oppvekstfellesskapet- foreldremøter med rom for alle​ (Together in a thriving community – parent meetings for all) we are co-creating an approach to bring together the resources of parents group, schools and the local community to develop a safer environment for all children and young people.

I also take part in KoRiP – kvalitet og relevanse i praksis- tverrfalig praksis i helseprofesjonsutdanninger​ (Quality and Relevance in Practice – interdisciplinary practice in health professional education). This project, a collaboration between Nord University, Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust and the Central Norway Pharmaceutical Trust is financed by Samarbeidsorganet. Together we are developing an innovative approach to interdisciplinary practical training in health professional education to enhance the quality and relevance of the programme for students.​