Frank Jacob

Professor Faculty of Social Sciences
Bodø, Samfunnet 406

About me

MA in Modern History, Ancient History and Japanese Studies (Würzburg University, Germany, 2010)
PhD in Japanese Studies (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, 2012)
DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3/BSI, 2021)

Work Experience
Assistant Professor (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent)​ of Modern History, Würzburg University (2013-2014)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) of World History, City University of New York, USA (2014-2018)
Professor of Global History, Nord Universitet, since August 2018

For full list of publications and academic activities see:​   


Recent Monographs

Ernst Papanek and Jewish Refugee Children: Genocide and Displacement (Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2021, Open Access via:

Florentine Ariosto Jones: A Yankee in Switzerland and the Early Globalization of the American System of Watchmaking (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2021)

Rosa Luxemburg: Lving and Thinking the Revolution (Marburg: Büchner, 2021, Open Access Via:

Kurt Eisner: Ein unvollendetes Leben (Leipzig: Hentrich&Hentrich, 2021)

Rosa Luxemburg: Ein Leben für die Revolution (Leipzig: Hentrich&Hentrich, 2021)

Emma Goldman: Ein Leben für die Freiheit (Leipzig: Hentrich&Hentrich, 2021)

Freiheit wagen!: Ein Essay zur Revolution im 21. Jahrhundert (Transcript 2021, Open Access via:​) 

Tsushima 1905: Ostasiens Trafalgar, 2nd edition (Brill/Schöningh, 2021).

Gallipoli 1915/16: Britanniens bitterste Niederlage (Gallipoli 1915/16: Britain's Most Bitter Defeat (De Gruyter 2020, Open Access via:

Emma Goldman and the Russian Revolution: From Admiration to Frustration (De Gruyter 2020, Open Access via:

​1917 - Die korrumpierte Revolution (1917 - The Corrupted Revolution) (Marburg: Büchner, 2020).

Revolution und Räterepublik in Unterfranken (Revolution and Soviet Republic in Lower Franconia) (Würzburg: K&N, 2019).

I work on different topics, including Modern Japanese History, Military History, German History and the History of Transnational Radicalism.
One of my main interests is also revolution theory and the history of revolutions, especially from a comparative perspective.