Alexander Schmeding

Associate Professor Faculty of Education and Arts

About me

My main research interests in mathematics are infinite-dimensional (differential) geometry, global analysis and Lie theory.  These include applications of infinite-dimensional geometry to the theory of rough paths and stochastic (partial) differential equations. Rough path theory is in itself already quite geometric and can be formulated with ease in a Banach space setting. However, then geometric, combinatorial and topological questions come into play. 

I participate in the CODYSMA ​project of H. Munthe-Kaas (Bergen).

In didactics of mathematics I am one of the principal investigators of the 

[S]ELF-M project (with A.Julien and E. Romijn).

Furthermore I am interested in programming in  mathematics education and in particular in math classrooms in Norway.​
This is pursued as part of the research project

​PrinT(M) (with M. Jensen, A. Julien and A. Rafiepour)​​​

Before joining NORD, I have held positions at UiB, TU Berlin and NTNU Trondheim (for example in the EU-project CHiPS). 
I am also connected to the CODYSMA hosted at the university of Bergen.

Almost all of my preprints are available on the arXiv preprint server: ​​

Some talks and presentations concerning research are available in digital format on YouTube:


Videos for selected lectures can be found on Youtube:


If you are interested in writing a qualification thesis with me, feel free to contact me.


Here are some key research areas I am interested in (together with some of my contributions):

Infinite-dimensional Geometry, rough paths and stochastic analysis

Rough paths are connected to character groups of certain Hopf algebras (see here for an explanation).These groups turn out to be infinite-dimensional Lie groups:

Applications of infinite-dimensional geometry to stochastic analysis

Shape Analysis (on spaces with ambient geometry)

cf. the survey ''Shape analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces'' 

Geometry on manifolds of Differentiable mappings

Lie groupoids vs. Infinite-dimensional Lie groups

Linking Lie groupoids and infinite-dimensional Lie groups.

Here are the Errata ​for the book "An Introduction to Infinite-Dimensional Differential Geometry" (Cambridge University Press 2022)​

Didactics of mathematics

(Self-)evaluation as a challenge and chance in teacher eductation. 
Research project [S]ELF-M together with E. Romijn and A. Julien.​