Marit Bjørnevik

Vice-dean for Education Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
+47 75 51 73 76
Bodø, Hoved Campus 2475

About me

 I have a M.Sc. degree in Aquaculture, with specialization in fish nutrition from University of Bergen. The thesis was done in cooperation with Nasjonalt institutt for ernærings- og sjømatforskning (NIFES). I have a Ph.D. degree in muscle structure and flesh quality in salmon and cod, also from University of Bergen. 

I have been the pro dean for education at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA) since August 2016. And have been leading the educational board at FBA on regularly basis. 


My teaching experience at FBA includes topics at Bachelor and Master level within seafood quality both on wild and aquaculture species, as well as quality managment in aquaculture. I have been study program responsible for master in biosciences and  the joint Nordic master in  sustainable production and utllisation of marine bioresources, as well as a life long learning one-year program Quality management in seafood productionfor. 
I have regularly supervising of both bachelor and master theses.


From 1995-2003 I worked  as a research scientist including taking a PhD, at Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Matre. At IMR I was involved in research on astaxanthin in salmon, muscle structure development and growth in salmon, effect of water current on muscle structure in cod, quality of smoked salmon (EU-project), and production in closed cage technology.

After coming to Nord University in 2003 I have been involved in small and large projects focusing on how production methods affect fillet quality and growth in fish, such as feeding regimes, light regimes, water velocity in closed cage and stress. Through supervising of master students I have lately been involved in  smaller projects related to sustainability in aquaculture.