Inclusivity in Higher Education

Inclusivity in Higher Education
Prof. Sui Lin Goei from the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences will give a lecture on Thursday 21st March on campus Levanger.

The topic of the lecture is Inclusivity in Higher Education.


Portrettbilde av Sui Lin Goei.
Prof. Sui Lin Goei.

Since the 1990s, there has been an increase in attention on inclusion in education encompassing inclusion in Higher Education (HE), which is an important element of/and leads to equity in society.

HE teachers are a key factor in improving inclusion in higher education, but little is known about the following three aspects:

1) their understanding of inclusion
2) the challenges they experience in establishing inclusion
3) how they characterise inclusive learning environments.

In this talk, I will first showcase the findings of an exploratory study drawing upon survey results of HE teachers’ perceptions of inclusion at one of the largest HE institutions in the Netherlands. I will then explore the abovementioned three aspects using a systematic literature review.

From the selected 36 peer-reviewed articles, it was concluded that even though there is a rise in attention to inclusion in HE in recent years, most attention is still on integrating students with disabilities in regular education instead of the newer broader definition of inclusion ‘for every student’. When HE teachers’ understanding of inclusion was discussed, they more often had a positive attitude toward inclusion, but it is unclear what this attitude was against (and what is meant by positive/negative) because of the neglect of the mentioned definitions of characteristics.

Teachers’ challenges to inclusion in higher education include internal (lack of knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence) and institutional (lack of resources, support, information, and training). These findings demonstrate the necessity of cooperation between HE teachers and HE institutions, in addition to the role of scholars in studying teachers’ understanding of inclusion, to improve the inclusive learning environment of students in HE.

  • Dr. Goei is a Professor of Inclusive Learning Environments at the Faculty of Human Movement and Education of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. She leads the academic group ‘Teachers and (Teacher)Educators in Inclusive Learning Environments’ and also serves as the Academic Director of the Educational Masters programme at the same Faculty. For the Masters programme, she is responsible for practice-based research focusing on formative assessment and inclusive teaching. She has been a Professor at Windesheim University since 2016 and has led many research groups, all focusing on inclusive and adaptive teaching, but also on the use of digital (assistive) technologies in education.

    Dr. Goei has held a position as an Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) at the Teacher Academy (upper secondary teacher training) and at the Research Institute LEARN! Learning Sciences from 2006 to 2022. She is still affiliated with VU Amsterdam. Dr. Goei has participated in numerous international and national research projects, both as a participant and a coordinator. Currently, she is serving as the coordinator for several national funded research projects on teacher professional development. She has supervised more than ten graduate students and 40 master students at VU Amsterdam, and is currently guiding eight graduate students in their research. Dr. Goei has published over 45 scientific articles, 11 book chapters, and six books to her name. (Sui Lin Goei – Research output — Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (

    Since July 2023, she is one of the figureheads of the Dutch National Science Agenda Youth (NWA Jeugd | Boegbeelden ( One of her core research areas is how teachers can be professionalised through the Lesson Study approach. Dr. Goei is a founder of the Dutch Lesson Study network, which includes over nine Dutch universities, and was a founder of the European Network on Behavioral Support, which unites more than 20 European countries. She is also a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Positive Behavior Support and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies.

    Dr. Goei is an active member of the Executive Council of the World Association of Lesson Studies, an international organisation that aims to promote and develop the theory and practice of lesson studies worldwide.


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