News regarding journal agreements

March 15, 2019 - UPDATE:
Wiley: Renewed agreement on access incl. open access publishing (Read and publish agreement).
Elsevier (Science Direct): The agreement is terminated. Articles are expected to become inaccessible within a short time.
Springer: Access is maintained until April 15. while negotiations continue.
Taylor and Francis: Keeping the access open until further notice. (Negotiations in progress).
The new agreement with Wiley makes articles from Norwegian researchers openly available with a unique read and publish-agreement: Norwegian researchers get to publish openly in Wiley's renowned journal. The agreement is in line with the Government's "National Objectives and Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Articles" and contributes to the modernization and conversion of research. Reading press release from Unit 15.03.2019.

The offer from Elsevier is far from fulfilling the requirements for open access to research articles. Nor is there any movement in the agreement's period against paying for publishing instead of paying for reading access. The agreement with Elsevier is therefore not renewed for 2019. The rectorates at the universities in Bergen, Oslo, Tromsø and Trondheim support the decision. Read the press release from the Unit on the breach of negotiations 13.03.19 with Elsevier.

The University Library recommends everyone to download articles that you need to have access to before they may disappear from the literature collection.

Elsevier (Science Direct): Check which archive titles you still have access to here.
Taylor and Francis: Negotiations are still ongoing, uncertain how long access is maintained. In case of breach of contract you have such access to the archive
Springer: In case of breach of contract you have no archive access. See list of journal titles that are missing.

How do you find openly available articles?

See the university library information page about how to find openly available articles (using plugins, contact article author for scholarly sharing etc.).  This podcast from the University of Tromsø also contains good tips for finding openly available scientific papers.

Background for a possible agreement impasse

UNIT ( is renegotiating agreements for the higher education sector with the following publishers: Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and Springer. The negotiations are now in overtime, and UNIT has asked the publishers to grant a grace period as long as the negotiations are taking place. UNIT states that the publishers have granted a grace period until 31 January 2019. Staff and students must be prepared for the disappearance of access to a number of journals starting 1 February.

The paramount objective of the negotiations is that they should lead to a movement toward Open Access. Any lapse of agreements will be the result of national negotiations under the auspices of UNIT. The historical background of UNIT’s new negotiation position is found in 

August 2017: National guidelines for open access

July 2018: UHR’s declaration of support to UNIT’s negotiation principles

September 2018: The Research Council of Norway’s endorsement of Plan S

You will find more in-depth information about the negotiations and open access on this website, which was prepared by UiO, UiB, NTNU and UiT. Note that you must use the above link to check which journal titles from Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and Springer might disappear at Nord University.