Coronavirus Information - Infection Prevention and Control in the University Library

The University Library has new infection prevention measures to make your library visit safe.

​Infection prevention measures in the ​​library​​​

The number of workspaces in the library has been reduces to ​​​com​ply with the physical distance ​​recommendation.​​

Hand disinfectant dispensers have been places near the entrances. Remember to also wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds each time.​

Disinfectants and cleaning products have been places around the library for cleaning of surfaces.

Remember that you are responsible for cleaning your workspace when you are finished using it. Multi-user equipment like the self check-out machines, the printers and keyboards will receive extra cleaning by the librarians.​

We ask that you take your fellow students and our employees into account​ by keeping a good distance​ and other​wise follow FHI's and ​Helsedirektoratet's ​coronavirus ​​advice.

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Opening hours, contact information and more information about the library services is available on our ​main page.​​