Resources are under negotiations - updated status here

​​No agreement with publishers​

Update 02.03.2023:
New agreements with Taylor & Francis and Sage are in place; initially, the agreements are valid until the end of 2023. Reading access continues in the usual value, free OA publishing access will be restored within a short time. See news article on iNord for more information.

The re-negotiations with Wiley continue; reading access is still available, free publishing access has ceased.

National agreements with publishers Sage, Wiley and Taylor & Francis are still being negotiated. If an agreement is not reached by 31 December 2022, consequences will arise as listed below.

Reading access
If the current negotiations fail, Nord will not have access to read new articles published by Sage, Taylor & Francis and Wiley from 1 January 2023. We will still have access to material from the years preceding 2023, except articles from Taylor & Francis published outside our 36 core titles.

If you require articles from Taylor & Francis, that will be inaccessible next year due to a possible termination of contract, please download and save these before 31 December. You can see the list of terminated titles here.

As a consequence of the deals made the last couple of years, a substantial amount of articles are now published Open Access. You will find these articles both in Oria and Google Scholar – or you can use browser extensions like Unpaywall or Open Access Button to find open versions of articles. You can also contact colleagues or the authors to acquire the material through Scholarly Sharing. See also the University Library's webpage on how to find openly accessible literature.

If you are unable to obtain the material you need, please contact the University Library for help.

Reading Lists consequences 
The University Library will review the reading lists that may be affected by this, to ensure all articles on the Spring 2023 curriculums are in accordance with the Kopinor-agreement. Course coordinators will be contacted if there is conflicting material.

Open Access - publishing
Nord’s researchers have previously had the possibility to publish Open Access for free through the agreements. If no agreement is reached, publishing access will be stopped from 1 January 2023.

Researchers who want to publish in hybrid OA journals, can choose to publish closed (not Open Access). The accepted manuscript version (AAM) must then simultaneously be made available in the university’s open repository, Nord Open Research Archive. This self-archiving is done by uploading the full-text in Cristin. 

Alternatively, researchers can pay to make individual articles openly accessible in the journal (hybrid OA). Any cost concerning hybrid OA publishing is not covered by Nord’s OA Fund. 

Costs associated with publishing in a gold OA journal can be covered by the OA Fund if the application is in compliance with the fund’s criteria, e.g. registration of the journal in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

An overview over the possibilities for Open Access publishing are outlined in the OA team’s quick guide to OA in journals

Outcome of the negotiations
The University Library website will be updated when the outcome of the negotiations is known. Updated information on the availability of OA publishing is available from our website on national journal agreements

Access from the Norwegian Electronic Health Library

Status of the Health Library, updated 28.12.22

After the cut in the Health Library from 2023, Nord University will buy access to the information resources that will disappear from the Health Library (see list in previous case). 

As a student and employee at Nord University, you will still have access to content as normal. The University Library is looking for a solution where saved searches/work you have carried out via the Health Library is transferred to a new customer relationship. 

​For security reasons, we still encourage you to save searches/work that are important to it and that you want to keep. Please note that some of the university's partners in the health service will probably lack access to one or more of the information resources after the New Year.

Updated 22.12.2022:
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health experiences budget cuts. As a result, content in/access from the Norwegian Electronic Health Library will be reduced 01.01.23.

Students and employees at Nord University will loose access to some of the databases we have via the Norwegian Electronic Health Library. ​At 22nd December the University Library seeks alternative solutions for access to these scientific resources. The situation is unsure, more information will come.

Be aware that you no longer will have access to work saved with your own profile in Medline AMED, Embase, PsykINFO and Medline via OVID (saved literature search etc.). You will still reach Medline via the Norwegian Electronic Health Library in 2023, but from another platform. We recommend that you save your search other places before 01.01.23. Read tips here (lenke her)

Databases most probably without access from 01.01.23:
Cochrane library
Medline (via Ovid)* 

* Access to Medline via Ebsco fra 01.01.23

Contact information

If you have questions about Open Access publishing, contact

If you have questions regarding curriculum/reading list articles from Taylor & Francis, contact

If you have questions about access to read articles, contact