Borrowing regulations

Anyone living in Norway over the age of 18 may borrow from the Library's collections.

​​​​​​​​​​​Borrowing regulations

​For the complete borrowing regulations document, click on the box to the right.

Library card

​The library card should only be used by the owner.

  • ​​Students at Nord University are automatically registered as users at the University Library. The student card or the barcode in the digital student ID app is the library card.
  • Employees use their employee / key card as their library card. Contact the library to activate the card as a library card before borrowing books or requesting a book in Oria.​
  • External users may use a national library card or obtain a library card upon presentation of valid identification​​.​

Borrowing time

  • Books: 4 weeks

  • Periodicals, films and music: 2 weeks

  • Reserved items (ie. items with a waiting list): 2 weeks.

  • One day loans must be returned before 8 am the next day the library is open.​

The ​maximum loan period is​ 90 days.

Overview of your loans and renewing your loans

Get an overview of your loans and requests by signing into Oria​​. Use your FEIDE-sign in (same as for Canvas, Studentweb).​

In Oria you can also renew your loans. Loans cannot be renewed if the maximal loan period has been exceeded (90 days for books) or if material has been reserved. One day loans cannot be renewed.​​

You can also contact the library to request a renewal of your loans. Preferably over e-mail: 

Reminders and replacement fees

  • ​Every month you will get an e-mail with an overview of your loans.
  • On the due date you will get a text message and an e-mail with a reminder of the due loans. If you don't return or renew your loans, you will receive additional reminders. If you do still not return your loans, you will receive a claim ​for compensation and will be unable to borrow any more items from the university library.
  • If you receive a claim for compensation you can:
    1. Return the borrowed item before the due date on the compensation claim.
    2. Buy a new copy of the item for the library before the due date on the compensation claim.
    3. Pay for the replacement. The library will send an invoice to your e-mail.
  • You have to replace lost or damaged items. The minimum price ​per document is NOK 750. Students and external users will also receive an administration fee of NOK 250 per invoice.
  • If the document is returned after you have received a claim for compensation, you still have to pay the administration fee of NOK 250. You have to change the payment amount on the original invoice to pay the administration fee.
  • Contact the library at e-mail​ if you have any questions regarding received reminders or claims for compensation.​​​​​​

​If you have unpaid replacements or administration fees, you will not be able to borrow new items or renew loans before the fee is paid.​