Plan S

The European Open Access initiative Plan S was implemented on 1 January 2021. The aim of Plan S is to secure full and immediate Open Access to scholarly articles.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Plan S​ was initiated by e.g. the EU, The Research Council of Norway (NFR)​ and other European research funders, together forming cOAlition S. The plan requires immediate Open Access to all research the coalition is funding. Plan S applies to calls from 1 January 2021.

Plan S requirements​​

As a result of the implementation of Plan S, the following changes concerning Open Access apply

    • All articles should be made openly accessible immediately upon publication, including those published in subscription-based journals
    • The peer-reviewed version (Author's Accept​ed Manuscript, AAM) of all articles may be made openly accessible (self-archived) through an open repository (e.g. Nord Open)
    • You as a researcher retain copyright to your articles instead of transferring this right to the publisher​
    • Articles must be published with an open (Creative Commons) licence facilitating free re-use of publications: CC BY as a standard, alternatively CC BY-SA or CC0, or CC BY-ND as an exception​​​​
      • CC BY 4.0​ is the preferred licence of Plan S. The licence entails that everyone is free to re-use (e.g. share and adapt) the article, while requiring attribution to the author
      • ​CC BY-SA (Share Alike) is one of two alternative Plan S-compliant licences. The license is equivalent to CC BY, except that any adaptations must be provided with the same license and be shared on the same terms as the original publication
      • CC0 (Universal) is the second of two alternative Plan S-compliant licences. The licence entails that the publication is public domain, i.e. that it is not subject to any copyright restrictions
      • CC BY-ND​ (No Derivatives) is Plan S-compliant in exceptional cases. This ​​entails that the publication may be shared, but not adapted, and this licence may be used if special reasons apply (solely on academic grounds). This may be an option if you as a researcher need to limit the possibilities to adapt a published text.

​Journal Checker Tool

In November 2020, cOAlition S​ launched a beta version of the Journal Checker Tool (JCT). This tool is for researchers receiving granted funding from cOAlition S partners like the EU (Horizon Europe) or The Research Council of Norway.​ ​By using JCT you can check whether the journal where you wish to publish is Plan S-compliant.

How to use it

1. Check that the journal is listed on levels 1 or 2 in DBH/NSD’s approved publication channels​ to ensure credit in the Norwegian financing system for scholarly publications

2. ​Go to Journal Checker Tool​ and fill in the names of your chosen journal, research funder (cOAlition S partner) and your own institution (Nord University)