Institutional Repository Nord Open

Nord Open Research Archive (Nord Open) is Nord University’s open, digital research archive. Here you will find Master’s theses, PhD theses and full text versions of other scholarly publications.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nord Open Research Archive (Nord Open) comprises Master’s theses, PhD theses, scholarly articles, chapters in anthologies, books, etc.

Nord University’s Open Access policy states that all scholarly ​articles crediting the university, must be archived in Nord Open.

The institutional repository enables the fulfilment of requirements for open access to research findings. 

Publications must be uploaded to Cristin for transfer to Nord Open (see link to self-archiving below).

Publications in research archives get increased visibility through indexing in search engines and open access databases.

Nord Open is part of the Brage Consortium together with other Norwegian universities, university colleges, research institutes and other state-funded institutions.

See an overview of other research archives in the Brage Consortium ​​


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