How to find openly accessible literature?

Many articles both in open and subscription-based journals are legally and freely accessible. There are many different ways you can get access to these.

​​​​​​Open Access entails free, digital access to research results.

The University Library subscribes to many databases and e-journals. This gives you free access to a lot of research, both that which is openly accessible and that which is not. Nevertheless, you might need to search for openly accessible material other than this, and this page gives an overview over different ways of gaining access.​

Search for OA in​ Oria

In Oria, you can limit your search in order to get hits for open access material only. See instructions​

Search for OA in da​​tabases

Search for OA i​n open repositories

Nord Open Research Archive: Nord university’s open, institutional repository, where you can find scholarly publications and other research material that made by employees and students. 

NORA: National search engine for scholarly publications in open institutional repositories. 

DART-Europe: Gives access to theses from European universities.

Download OA browser extensions/ p​lug-ins and search online

Download and install OA browser extensions/plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox. Such tools make it easier to find OA material when searching.

Examples of plug-ins:​​

Unpaywall: Harvests open access content from more than 50,000 publishers and archives, and makes it easier to find, track and use OA material.​

Open Access Button: A tool to find open access versions of articles. The OA Button also enables you to contact the author to request access to individual articles.

Google Scholar Button: A tool making it easier to use Google Scholar to find full-text articles.

Scholarly sharing/con​​tact the author

Usually, authors are allowed to share articles even though they are not openly accessible. This is called ‘scholarly sharing’. You can e-mail the author directly and ask for a copy; most authors are happy to share their articles with others, depending on the agreement they have with their publisher. You can also easily request access through the social research networks and

Other links to Ope​​n Access material

Contact the University Library

The University Library can help you to get access to articles that seem unavailable. Search for the article and check if you may order it in Oria, or contact the Library.​​