Publish your PhD thesis

Everyone graduating with a PhD from Nord University are required to make their doctoral theses openly available in the university's institutional repository, Nord Open. This way, other researchers and students can read the theses, and they will be findable and available in many search engines.

​​​From 2021, all those graduating with a PhD from Nord university are required to make their theses openly available in the university's institutional repository. ​​​​​In general, you as a doctoral student own the rights to your doctoral thesis, but publishers may hold some rights in case parts of your thesis are already published. Consequently, the doctoral thesis must be authorised before it can be archived. Read more on authorisation of rights of compilation theses and scholarly publications here​. The University Library takes care of authorisation of all material which is made available in the institutional repository Nord Open. ​

How to self-archive your doctoral thesis in Nord Open?

Doctoral theses are self-archived according to the following procedure:

  1. Contact the print shop and request the PDF version of your thesis
  2. Log into Cristin and find the entry of your thesis. If you have not yet registered your thesis in Crisin, you will have to do this first (see how to register your thesis in Cristin​​​​ and choose report/thesis instead of journal article)
  3. In Cristin: Click on the number in front of the entry to expose all the metadata
  4. Click on Deliver full-text document (at the bottom of the screen)
  5. Upload the right version of the document (the print shop's PDF) 
  6. The University Library will receive the uploaded full-text for further processing.​​ The University Library will get in touch with you as an author to inquire about the possibility of putting an embargo on parts of or your entire thesis. This applies to compilation theses and monographs alike, and the aim is that you are granted the possibility to publish any unpublished material at a later stage. Moreover, some publishers require an embargo on publishing (applies to compilation theses only). Your thesis will not be published until this has been decided. Embargoes are set according to the university’s PhD regulations​ § 17-3 (in Norwegian only), taking your publishing plans into considerations; however, according to the regulations all PhD theses where the candidate graduated from 01.01.2021 onwards, shall be deposited in our institutional repository.

If you do not have access to Cristin, please contact the superuser/Cristin contact at your Faculty. ​

Compilation theses

If you have written a compilation thesis, there you may have to put an embargo on your thesis. This depends on the self-archiving policies of the journal and publisher. We check these before archiving your thesis, and link to all published articles.​


If you have written a monograph without contents that are published elsewhere we may make the entire thesis accessible in Nord Open. If you plan to publish your monograph as a book you should first check with your publisher whether you are allowed to make your thesis openly accessible prior to publication. Some publishers find that access to the thesis in Nord Open makes good PR, whilst others require that the thesis is not available online prior to publication.​ Please note that you are ​obliged to making it accessible within four years of the defence, according to the university's PhD rules (applying from 2021 onwards).