Self-archiving of scholarly publications

As an employee at Nord University you are obliged to self-archive your scholarly publications in the university’s institutional repository, Nord Open. By doing this, your work becomes more visible and it will be easier to share your research with your colleagues.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All researchers who have been granted financial support from the Open Access Fund are committed to archive their publications in Nord Open. Articles and books that are published with an open licence can be self-archived without further authorisation of rights. Once authors renounce their rights to a publisher the publication must be authorised, also by the authors, before it may be used.

Read more on the authorization of rights of scholarly publications and compilation theses here. The University Library is responsible for authorisation of all scholarly publications which are made available in the institutional repository Nord Open. ​

Article versions​​

Authors making articles available in open repositories or on other platforms or websites, must comply with publishers’ guidelines concerning which version they are allowed to make available. This also applies when uploading the article to research network services like ResearchGate, Mendeley, and Academia.​

Preprint/manuscript version

This is the version of an article prior to peer-review (submitted draft/manuscript). Authors retain copyright until entering into a contract with a publisher. Most journals allow authors to self-archive manuscript versions in open repositories but some journals do not accept that pre-prints are made available prior to publication.​

Postprint/accepted version

This is the peer-reviewed and accepted version of an article but not the final formatted version published by the journal. Sometimes authors have rights to this version. Many journals allow authors to make this version available in open repositories. The difference between an accepted and published version is final formatting, the logo of the journal, pagination, final references, and proofreading. The accepted version is the final version authors submit to the publisher.

Published version

This is the version published in a journal – the final version that has been formatted and proofread by the publisher. The published version contains the logo of the journal, formatting, and final references. Usually, publishers possess the rights to this version. Most journals are restrictive in terms of making this version available in open repositories.

If the article has an open licence​ authors may make the published version available in an open repository. Information on journals’/publishers guidelines on archiving of different versions of articles in open repositories may be found in authors’ contracts with the publisher, on publishers’ websites or in the Sherpa Romeo database.​​

Self-archiving of research articles​

Published research articles should be self-archived as follows:​

  1. Log into Cristin and find the publication in question. If the publication is not yet registered in Cristin, you have to do this first
  2. In Cristin: Click on the blue number in front of the entry to expose all the metadata
  3. Click on Deliver full-text document (at the bottom of the screen)
  4. Tick off the first two checkboxes and the applicable one of the last three checkboxes. Please note: The University Library takes care of the rights pertaining to Nord Open, so you do not need permission from the publisher
  5. State which version of the publication you are depositing. Generally, publishers accept self-archiving of the accepted version of the manuscript (also called postprint). If so, this is the version you should upload.
  6. Upload the correct version of the article (preferably in PDF format)
  7. The University Library will receive the uploaded full-text and check
  • That the publisher allows self-archiving of the uploaded version. If the published version may be self-archived, this is the version that will be deposited
  • Whether the publisher has an embargo on making the article accessible and set any embargo date in Nord Open

See instructions on how to upload full-text via Cristin (old Cristin)​​​.​​​​​​

If you are using the new version of Cristin, please see separate instructions on how to upload full-text via new Cristin​.